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Sir_Pathfinder, The Lost.
by on January 13, 2021
Upon the events of last light, life as it was known was stretched to the far outter banks and mountains of Nocturnem. Though the night shielded those who still drew breath from the spite of the fleshed one, the peace would not be long. For soon, the chosen of the fallen god would leech the life from the very core of the planet.
These times were transcribed from old tongue, into the more modern language of Nocturnem. Translation was hard due to the fact most of the origional language was destroyed during these times. Many refer to this period as "The War of Rats" others more studious refer to it as the "Era of Benightedness".
Suffering came as if it were an oceans waves across crippled beaches, much was lost during this era due to fear, betrayal and un-knowing. Many sought refuge with the various churches of the land, in which had only decades early been seen as cults of druidic worship in the times of light. Their practice and worship banned to the extent of criminal incarceration. But, in times like these the chaos around in the woods encircling not only the small towns and hearths but the minds of every individual it gave some safeguard.
The fleshed ones armies marched without pause, soon it would be town and civilization they took with them destroying the great libraries of Nocturnems captial and with it ages of traditions arts and even language. Many saw this as the end times, a moment in which the sins of the past were not forgiven in the eyes of a fallen god and there was no such way to repent.
Topics: lore.