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Sir_Pathfinder, The Lost.
by on January 13, 2021
The War of Rats waged for what seemed like eternity. Those within the realm not only battling themselves and inner desire, but the armies of the fleshed god. The 9 tribe's of the old way, the true followers of Norturne sought to bring peace to the many people of Nocturnem. Origionally they were viewed as cultists, and outdated religious worship and such. They often found themselves in prisons and hard labour camps in the days of light. But in this era they were known to be the flickering end of a candle wick in these times of darkness.
Based on the old ways, the 9 tribes were organized. By not only geography but also by season, the tribes themselves each representing a separate part of the wheel of life. The pinwheel of life, was represented by the sun or in the old language referred to as the Kolovrat, which represented not only day and night but the cycle of life.
The tribes themselves, nestled their beliefs and structure within areas of Nocturnem in which represented their season and inner beliefs. The tribe of Ramhat, which represented divinity and inner peace was founded in what the equestrian calendar sees as October, and the tribe of Beylet which founded upon white light of the sun and inner peace founded in the equestrian month of December.
The tribes themselves United during these dark times, under the belief of defending Nocturnes people and land. To do so, the sought themselves out special individuals of birthright known as "The Lost". A child/foal usually born first of kin, with a special connection to the divine Nocturne. There have been many such individuals but at one time there can only exsist 9, one from each tribe of Nocturne representing each tribes values.
The fate of the title, is often taxing upon the individual. They are born taking "the ultimate burden" a quest in which tests even the most faithful, to almost insufferable ends. Those born into the title, are often tasked with burdens in which almost seem impossible to accomplish
To test the will of their faith, their strength and resliance in the face of all that is.
Those who undertake this title, often find themselves questioning their beliefs and their true purpose in the grand scheme
The Lost are not physically so, but so in purpose and life. It is upon the burdened to rise to their title, and find true purpose and meaning. However, the life of those given this burden is never long lived, often meeting tragic fates either to high powers or their own doing. But, they are tasked with bringing the light of a flickering candle to the farthest reaches of the land. Restoring faith in the faithless, and warmth of comfort to those who have lost everything and for such purpose they are born.
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