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Celtic Cross
by on February 19, 2021
Some random thoughts after listening to Everywhere at The End of Time on YouTube. Don't listen to it if you are in a dark place, because it brings up a pretty dark or at least serious line of thought. I dove into the comments section as well to take a look, and that did help to focus my thoughts a bit.
I was never good at the following few things but I am certainly going to try to be starting now. I am not a good person but I will be better.
Cherish your memories while you have them, and work to make things around you better with the time you have left. Make memories, too, with other people - even if you will not remember them, someone will. Love fully, tell the truth always, and try to be comforting when it doesn't compromise the telling of the truth. If you deal with people who have memory problems, show compassion instead of frustration.
Questions I asked myself after this: What is a soul? Is a soul one's consciousness, or a mix of the consciousness and that which is beyond time and space? If it is only the former, can the deterioration of consciousness be considered a deterioration of ones very soul? Would it be better then to quickly end existence before a descent into madness or oblivion?
This has frightened me in a deeper way, spiritually I think, than I had previously considered possible. The longer I listened, even though I periodically switched tabs to do other things, the more dread I was filled with.
Edited for word choice.