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Sir_Pathfinder, The Lost.
by on March 17, 2021
Nathalia Kazimirov, the younger sister of Ilayosha Kazimirov (Pathfinder) was born upon the first night of the Winter solstice much like her older brother. This odd occurence in Nocturnes culture is called "Moonlings", moonlings are often fated to have intertwined fates whether this is good or bad often differs from one tale to another.
As a young mare, Nathalia showed much strength and ability unlike her older brother. She was immediately taken away to the Paladins order unlike her brother who was ferried away to learn from the clerics. In her early years, she proved to be quite the warrior indeed favoring the poleaxe/bardiche as he weapon of choice. Often seeing her older brother during trainings, they were known to be quite the duo. Pathfinder who much shunned away from violence, found himself as a shield bearer, favoring using magic and a strong defence over blade and steel.
As a duo combined, they were able to cover each others weaknesses and boost each others strengths moving as if they were almost linked together.
It was not long however, before the 2 brought upon their baby brother, Alexi born blind he was destined to become a seer. Ilayosha showed much love and patience to his new youngest sibling, often taking much of his time to ensure his safety and ability to learn was un-intreuptted despite his lack of sight. This is what set the first sense of spite within the mare, often feeling dejected by her older brother and his fondness of helping Alexi the jealousy was well hidden for many years.
However, like all feelings it was not long for anger and spite to take hold of the mare. Once known as a clear and calm headed leader, upon setting to the abyss with Ilayosha and Alexi, it was believed while she fought with the two the whispers in her mind of betrayal eventually drove her mad.
It was not before they left the abyss her plan was set in place to betray her older brother, but first she had to get Alexi out of the way before he ruined her plan.
They had nearly reached the gate to Equestria, when she turned.
The words stayed within the stallions head unto this day, as they fought. Nathalia almost near killing Ilayosha, as he could not bear himself to strike upon his own blood.
"That's your problem, Ilayosha...
You have something I will never understand, your heart to big and determination too strong... it will only bring you pain brother."
The last words to be said between the two, as the mare seemed to pull the spear end out of poleaxe out of of the stallions chest. Ilayosha barely able to grasp for air, reached for his tome banishing his own sister to the abyss.