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by on March 26, 2021
For the past 18 months Bok has been working on a side project alongside her regular daily activities. First attempt was a complete failure, but now finally after 6 months of development she’s ready to extract the product from the reactors once again! Bok tightens the safety goggles until her eyes are completely protected if anything were to go wrong. Next, she pulls at her gloves stretching the Nitrile as far up her arm as it could go. “Alright boys, this is it.” She speaks up, seemingly to herself as she was alone in her laboratory.
With every entrance perfectly sealed, and cameras having been meticulously placed so that every angle of this small facility was always under supervision, Bok couldn’t afford to miss any events happening here. Specially since her makeshift installations were hidden within an abandoned barn not that far away from civilization. So really, at this point it would be impossible for anyone other than her to be present to witness this. Well except for the cameras…
Once all safety measures have been taken, she initiated the extraction. The sound of complex machinery running filled the facility’s otherwise sharp silence. Bok used some cartoonishly long test tube holders to collect the neon glimmering pale blue substance into the vials from a safe distance and behind a safety screen. It was quite viscous, not quite like Oobleck but its behavior was similar. “Phase 2 has been successfully completed.” Bok announces. This time it’s clear that she’s not talking to herself but rather she’s been recording everything into a log.
“Okay… whew…” She backs away once the liquid’s been fully stored into the test tubes. Having finished with a grand total of 32, all carefully arranged in 4 racks. Bok rubs her forehead and admires her arduous work for a moment. “Next phase is testing. I’m gonna fetch some specimens…” She adds to her commentary and briefly disappears.
She returns holding a small cage full of mice. “Alright… Specimens number 1 and 2: animal, mammal, 3.2 inches, 1.5 ounces, female… species? mouse. Testing substance: 2.0, 3 ml, topical.” She sets the cage down, separating a pair of mice into a smaller container and reaches into her lab coat. “Imprinting species: animal, oviparous, 11 inches, 5.5 ounces, female, species? Dove.” Bok brings from her coat a small vial filled with some red liquid, she uses a syringe to collect around 5 ml of it and proceeds to inject it into one of the test tubes she had already separated for the testing. She gives that a quick shake, sets it aside and also removes one of the mice from its enclosure.
Bok holds the little and wiggly creature down and aided with a dropper, administers a few droplets of the mixture onto its back. The mouse hardly reacts to it, that is until it begins to squirm violently. Bok’s eyes widen as she’s bitten “Ow!”, and accidentally releases it. It starts frantically scratching itself with one of its back legs. Bok frowns and readies her stun gun in case she has to quickly end this whole ordeal for the little beast. However, from the mice’s back spurt a set of dove wings. Bok observes horrified and in shock. But the beast doesn’t seem to mind anymore, it stops scratching itself and instead it runs free and takes flight!
“Aaaaah!” Bok screams, having to duck down as the animal had been headed straight for her. “No no no no!” Then panic sets in as Bok realizes that this creature is now roaming free through her lab. “Wait!” Bok chases after it to no avail, the mouse flies too fast and knocks down all sorts of small instruments as it tumbles around the place. Flasks and empty test tubes go flying out of racks as the beast crashes into them only to turn around and fly away once more. Bok braces herself; this is too much! She sees the mouse heading for one of the windows by her, she jumps at the opportunity and opens the window before it crashes into it. The creature leaves through the now open window and disappears into the outside world. Bok’s left with her mouth hanging open, what was that!? What a stupid thing to do! She thinks to herself; did she really just release this creature into the world!? She curses herself.
But hey, at least it didn’t explode into a flesh popcorn mess like last time…