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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
by on March 26, 2021
Hey all! I wanted to make a fun little post detailing each of my characters' futures.
For me and Jewel, our youth spell has worn off a bit, giving us a more older-like look with me having a beard and Jewel having a few Grey feathers (don't worry, it's still on us! We ain't kicking the bucket for a while.) We're still alive and kicking and decided to rebrand our force as the Galactic Federation Force, or, GFF for short.
We are still fighting evil, by the way.
For Skye, she's grown up and not only still kicks butt with us, but also continues to do good deeds in Adventure Bay.
For Skystar, she's now the successful ruler to the hippogriff kingdom, and still finds time to kick butt with us.
For Yinu, she's grown up and has devoted her life to both fighting with us, and playing music. She's still as sweet as ever. She has also finally put her Father's death behind her, and looks towards a better future for herself and her mom.
For Nega Stickbot Alpha, our villain, he has retired from the evil scene and now works with our technician to develop successful inventions for the GFF. He's also now friends with us!
As for Nigel... well, he still wants to take us out. So us as the GFF has to look out for that.
For Gary, he's still as inventful as ever, making sure the GFF is well teched up and ready for battle. He also works on the GFF's space station base!
For Phantom R/Raphael, he's also grown up, and teaches the GFF's rhythm thief branch so they can defeat rhythmic villains if the time is necessary.
Unfortunately, our father Eduardo passed away, but he left both me and Jewel as the worthy successors to lead his blue macaw tribe. On the bright side though, he did pass with all of us around him on his death... uhh... nest.
Blu and Jewel's kids have grown up and, well...
Tiago is more of a daredevil stunteer, but now works for the GFF on dangerous missions. He still has not gotten any scars yet.
Bia is a master of the arcane arts, and also teaches some of hers and Jewel's wisdom to younger generation chicklets from the blue macaw tribe.
Carla is a successful DJ in Nico and Pedro's samba club, working full time and is a celebrity within the music community.
Blu is still as spry as ever, now having opened a school to help teach the chicklets within the Blue Macaw tribe about general stuff. It's a wonder how he is still at it.
All these futures apply to both the CA Timeline and Prime Timeline. Granted there are some differences between the two, but more on that later.
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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
New futures for the characters in my series, check them out!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Just to let you guys know as well, I have not come up with futures for my characters within Knight Wolf's timeline. Futures for that timeline for my characters are in the works, but things will change as the rp goes on.