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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
by on April 3, 2021
Hello, my fellow CA-ites! I have been getting a lot of questions about my series. Both here in CA... and everywhere else. I'm not even joking. So, i'm making this friendship letter/blog to answer them, even if they haven't been asked! Here we go!
Q1: Why do you have such a strange cast of characters?
A: Well, the main reason why I have a strange cast of characters is that I like to show off what I like, whether it be through games, movies, or tv shows. I like to show off what makes them special and why I like them in the first place.
Q2: Why don't you change anything from your series? You do have original villains, why not have original characters too aside from your main character?
A: See... I don't like change. I'm autistic and have ADHD irl, so... anything over the changes I've already made to the characters I have in my series will set me into meltdown overdrive. I want them to shine as their original personalities, not fake ones that I am suggested to give them. I want everyone to see why I like them how I like them.
Q3: Insert me into your series! I'd be great at (Insert role here)!
A: Heh... Well, that's thoughtful that you're interested in my series so much that you want me to put you in my series. Unfortunately, I have a lot of franchises coming together as it is (Rio, PAW Patrol, No Straight Roads, ETC), and it is a bit of a hard task to keep track of everyone. 5 main characters is enough as it is, heh!
Q4: Why have I never seen you on youtube? Your series looks interesting and amazing!
A: They're out there... the copyright strike ninjas are out there... *Clears throat* Until I figure out how this Fair Use document works, or get the licenses to each character (Which I know will take a while, do not tell me about this...) it's going to remain as a fanfiction as to not get in trouble with the copyright striker ninjas. I've been working on this series for 9 years, I don't want it to be taken down. This project of mine is my passion, and to see it taken down after 9 years of work will break my heart. Granted, I could've done it pre-copyright strike heavy Youtube era, but I didn't have my idea fully on that time.
Q5: You're not a (insert species here)!
A: Yeah yeah, I've been getting this one a lot, whether it be here through CA or Discord or... well, you get the idea. Yeah, might as well answer this one. See, I knew what I was getting into in making my main character what's called in my series a Stickian. Or, Stick man, as you call them. What I didn't know is that I was among a sea of... well... other stickmen. So, I wanted to make MY guy unique by giving him the clothes and appearance he has today. Y'know, with the black ink pants (Yes my character does has pants.), the UK Hoodie, green shades, so on and so forth. To make my guy unique will make him shine. Also my backstory explains that my main guy was once a macaw.
Q6: You said and have posted you have a discord. May I join?
A: I honestly wish I could invite all y'all into my Discord server so I can show you what me and my friends have been working on! Unfortunately, I have to respect a certain friend's wishes in not mass inviting everyone, so that's why y'all are getting the screenshot treatment instead of just seeing it all in-full force. I don't want to go against my friend's wishes.
Q7: Your name is not original! There's a bunch of other "Stickman" out there!
A: *Big shushing finger* SHOOSH. I know. See, I wanted to stand out among the other stickman, as explained earlier. And since I was related to Jewel, having her last name be Gunderson since marrying Blu, I figured I'd take it upon myself to also be a Gunderson too. Weird logic, I know, but it works.
Q8: You keep switching perspectives between third and first person. What's up with that?
A: It's to get into and out of character... if you can understand that. See, the successful way of being a character is to practice being them, and then to not practice being them. That way, you'll know how your character acts. How your character feels. The more your character can relate to you, the better.
Q9: I have never ever heard your voice before. May I hear it?
A: Ehhhhhhhhhh... no. I'd rather not let you guys hear my voice... yet. You'll hear it soon though, trust me!
I know this one's not been asked anywhere, but I figured i'd answer it anyway.
Q10: If you were to hire your first VA, who would it be?
A: Anne Hathaway. No one else can voice Jewel better than her, and i'm not taking anyone else for Jewel other than her. I'll probably find fill-ins for the other characters, but Anne Hathaway's gonna be Jewel if i'm able to hire VAs.
I hope this enlightens you all on what's been going on! If there's any more questions, I will post 'em here for y'all to be enlightened more about!
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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
This blog isn't really against anyone, it's just another "for fun/not so serious" blog.