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by on April 13, 2021
*TW: Suffocation and death.
Before you read this, im fine. Nothings happened to me. This isn't a vent post. I've just been planning on writing this out for a while now.
It had been a while since he had been back home and a trip back into Rassulian Imperial territory didn't seem so bad. That was before he was drifting in empty space lightyears from any planet or station running on three minutes of oxygen. He just wanted to see his adoptive mother before going back to Earth but now it didn't seem like he'd be doing either.
The Titandragon was gone, taken from him by someone he thought he could trust, that he had known for so long. For most of his life he considered them a great friend, yet despite all that he was forced out an airlock and towards a fate not even the Rassulian pure bloods would allow an enemy. Betrayed. His only company being they small data chip holding Comrade floating around his helmet and the timer on his hud he would close his eyes and think on why the universe or his gods would allow this. He had always been a kind and forgiving soul just as he was taught to be. Maybe he had just had to much good karma and this was just the few bad things he had done asking him to pay with interest.
Two Minutes Remaining.
He opened his eyes and reached out towards the largest star he could see and spoke what seemed like the last words that would ever leave his lips. "To those I leave behind, may you carry my name in your memories for many many moons. To those I leave behind, I wish you all a prosperous life and may you be blessed by mother Rass."
One Minute Remaining.
He took a good long deep breath, taking a second before he slowly exhaled.
Thirty Seconds Remaining.
He would close his eyes again as the timer ticked down, focusing on the weightlessness. It was peaceful in a way. The sound of his own heartbeat breaking through the silence paired with warmth of his breath bouncing of the glass and back to his face.
Oxygen Depleted.
One last sigh and then an instant stiffness in his chest. He knew it would take a minute before he succumb to death. His lungs already burned as he tried to suck in nothing. He reached back to find the helmet release cord so he could skip the suffering but the strap on it wouldn't budge. There was nothing he could do but wait for his consciousness to fade away and the burning to subside. It felt like half an hour already but his vision was going dark before a sudden bright light getting closer and closer. He reached out towards it. This was the end.
Carmine Gumshoe
SUS AMOGUS NOOOOOOOO jokes aside, he’s gonna find spaceship buddies to rescue him at the last second and they’re going to be pals :)