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Lucky clover
by on May 2, 2021
In the jungle gal was trying to find her way back to the crew, she took a right turn but she ran into a large lizard like creature, it was to busy eating a dead dino that it didn't hear gal run up behind it. She slowly took a step back and hid behind a tree, she was going to run for it but another one of them stops her in her tracks it was getting to pounce but gal jumped out of the way, the creature was chasing her but gal got inside a log hoping it would give up but the thing just went inside with her snapping its jaws. It was about grab her but something else got a hold on the creature whatever it was it pulled out the thing from the log and killed it violently, the creature that first saw fleed the scene, she crawled out of the log after a huge centipede was touching her mussel with its antennas, when she got out a feeling of something watching her struck in her head she took a look behind her and saw the creature that killed the other one, it was a tyrannosaurus but looked different from the books and museums. I bolted out of there but of course the dinosaur was running after me with its kill in its mouth ( why was it chasing me it already had its dinner inside his mouth ), it was not giving up so I had it go somewhere he would not see me so I ran to a huge downed tree and hid there lucky it couldn't find me and walked away but after a breath of relief I got another feeling that something was watching her so I turned around and guess what another t-rex was hiding under the tree and snapped its jaws at her but she stayed down knowing it couldn't get up but it banged his head in the tree and now I was left dangling in a thin branch but I something else was coming from the right side and it was Kong saving me. He kept himself between me and the dino but the t-rex that was chasing me before found me and was going to get but Kong grabbed be and moved his arm away ending up with the t-rex biting kongs elbow, Kong pushed them them away from themselves now coming down to a staing match to see who will pounce first but unexpectedly a third t-rex got behind him, how he had to face three dinos with one hand and the other holding me he was winning with already killing one but he had to end this quickly so he pushed the down a steep cliff with another one underneath, one of them fell down so I was only one left Kong pulled him down but the t-rex bit into his foot and was forced to let go and soon both of them fell into a long ravine full of vines. Gal was dangling from them while Kong was beating up the other trex but one of the vines snapped and fell on to the Teeth of a t-rex but thankfully Kong was holding his mouth open but a t-rex under gal was in good reach of eating gal but Kong kicked it out of the way but it caused the other t-rex's mouth to open on close again so gal quickly let go but fell on top of the t-rex's head, Kong was going to grab her but the other rex bit Into his arm so Kong had to beat him in order to rescue gal. With all of the movement from them the vines soon gave weight on me and the rex so we ended up falling down together, I ran but there was no hiding place the t-rex let out a mighty roar and was walking towards me but Kong arrived in time, now it was like a western stare off with me as the prize both of them let out a roar and charged towards each other Kong got on its back opening his jaws and biting the rex's tounge off then he go him on the ground and was trying to break its jaw open but it kept its mouth shut but not for long Kong punched him and successfully destroyed his jaw and breaking his skull, Kong let out a roar of victory and gal soon realised that Kong wasn't a threat to her so she got on his back and Kong was running to an unknown location on the island
End of chapter 12
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