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by on July 7, 2021
So, every day, I wake up at 6. Doesn't matter how long I slept last night, always 6. I got like, 3 hours'a sleep, but it's cool - that's what coffee's fer. I untangle myself from Gray without wakin'im up 'n slip outta bed - we cuddled last night, like always. Good frickin' stuff! (Don't tell anyone I said that though, he gets real embarassed about it.)
I grab my bag off the floor, and head ta the kitchen. Gotta have a good breakfast. While the coffee brews, I whip up some eggs 'n toast fer myself, and a couple'a breakfast quesadillas fer Gray. He frickin' LOVES my cookin', and who wouldn't? I'm a DANG good chef! I chow down real quick 'n finish off my third cup'a coffee. Then I feed the kitties, 'n then it's out the door - I've got things ta do!
First stop is Scarlet's house - I promised ta fix'er door after, uh.. Well, it was a kinda crazy night, doesn't matter. Anyway! I screw in the new doorknob, 'n then we hang out fer a bit. Smoke some pot, watch a couple episodes'a some dumb hospital drama she likes. It's cool, we had chips 'n dip. After two episodes I hug'er goodbye, 'cause I've got a busy day ahead! Off ta my next destination.
I head ta Lucky Prize's house, real cool dude. Nothin' important ta do here but chill. He boots up some Call of Duty fer us ta play. He's obviously cheatin' - dunno how, but'e is - 'n so obviously he kicks my flank at it, so I punch'im in the leg 'n tell him ta stop cheatin'. He just laughs 'n calls me silly, 'n then we played zombie mode instead. Dumb zombies don't stand a chance against me, 'cause they dunno how ta cheat. He's gotta go ta work after 'bout an hour though, so I head out ta my next stop.
Gotta get Sapphire Fire some vapes. She's not old enough ta buy'em 'erself, so I gotta hook'er up. We walk around town fer a bit, go window shoppin' at Toy City, 'n then get some food. Pretty cool gal, she lets me use'er dab pen whenever we hang. Apparently hates'er job at Dunkin Donuts, 'n I can't blame'er, workin' fast food SUCKS.
After that, I head ta Flash Tan's house ta buy some pot fer more brownies - it's a dang good business I've gotten myself inta. Rakin' in the big bucks, gonna be rich in no time! As I'm leavin', he asks me if I wanna hang out fer a while. I'm like 'heck yeah!' 'cause I don't have nothin' else ta do today. We watch Giant Spiders 2 on Netflix 'n cuddle on the couch. Good stuff, always down fer some snuggin'! He seems kinda sad nowadays though, think he lost his girlfriend or somethin'. I'll prob'ly drop by tamorrow.
So anyway, I spent the rest'a my day in the park. Swam in the pond, chased squirrels - that's what these bite marks're from, see? And I played frisbee with some fillies, their mum bought me icecream! Frickin' nice lady, she is. So yeah, was in the park 'til around sun-down, then it's off back home. Er, ta Gray's house, I mean. Kinda like home.
It's a pretty long walk back, dark by the time I get there. First I feed the kitties again, then I hunt Gray down ta tell'im how my day's been, 'n we talk fer a bit. Then, I get ta ask'im how HIS day's been, 'n we watch somethin' on the TV 'n get drunk 'n stuff. Always nice seein'im, he's one'a my favorite ponies. We usually stay up kinda late, but we get ta cuddle EVERY frickin' night. It's the best thing, 'cause I hate sleepin' alone. It sucks, ya know? (Like I said, don't tell anyone.)
So yeah, that's how my day went. How 'bout yours?