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by on July 12, 2021
*If you haven't read the first part I would suggest reading that one first. Its titled "Found"
Dragonfly would jolt away and shake his head, slinging water all over the metal floor and walls. He would try to move but found himself restrained to a pipe connected to the wall. He looked around and found two stallions standing in front of him, both in uniforms he couldn't identify and masks that covered their faces. One had an empty bucket beside him that looked like it was holding water, water know soaking Dragonfly.
"The royal blooded Impi is awake."
He hadn't heard that word in a very long time. It was a word used by the natural inhabitants of worlds colonized by Rassulia and was meant to be an insult. Dragonfly, like most Rassulians, wasn't bothered by the word, but it did mean he was probably aboard a ship with an entire crew of rebels. He was of course never fond of his homeworld or its government but he was still branded with the mark of royal blood and was chemically identifiable as a veteran of the Royal Rassulian Navy. His ship would have been enough proof that he was far from a loyalist, but it was long gone. He spoke, his voice still rough from the rigid air he was rebreathing from his tank before it ran out.
"You saved me from the cold vacuum of space and a horrid death of slow suffocation. Why would rebels do that for a Rassulian, especially a royal blood?"
Both of the stallions would look over at him, one advancing towards him. He would close his eyes, ready to be struck down but nothing happened. He opened his eyes to see the masked figure right inn front of him. The digital lenses of the mask moving around, refocusing every few seconds until it was taken off to reveal a young stallion with Rassulian eyes of green.
"Because I would like to know why a royal blood is floating out i the middle of space with depleted oxygen."
The rebel would stand up and walk over to a case that he would open up and pull out Dragonfly's space suit.
"This suit really is a magnificent piece of work by the way. Oxygen rebreather, automatic air intake, in suit computer and ai system. Not to mention that fact that its armored. Its more akin to an engineers suit, and a very expensive one. One not of Rassulian design at all, more Costinat. Which is weird because Constinat's hate Rassulian's with a passion."
He would turn around with the suit, looking it up and down and then back to Dragonfly.
"How did you get this? Did you steal it? Did you're empire find some Constinat craftsstallion to make it?"
Dragonfly tilted his head and gave a confused look.
"Do you think im an heir? Do you even know how royal bloods work?"
The green eyed stallion would rush forward, anger twisting his face.
"You are marked as a royal blood. You hold the crest of the Ghastwell family line. You are a registered veteran of the Royal Rassulian Navy. You hold a royal honors and a Rassulian crest! You are the spitting fucking image of the original monarch, how could you not be on the line to the throne?!"
The stallion would calm down and move to put the suit back while Dragonfly shook his head to get the spit off his face before he replied.
"I have all the makings of a monarch yes, but I am first on the reserve line of heirs. I am a genetic defect, cast from the family, raised on another world, and was the pilot of a Devil Medic ship in the Seventy Fourth. If I weren't royal blood id be dead. The real question is why you are here, with the rebels. Hm?"
A slight grin would form on Dragonfly's face as he muttered two words.
"Grin Impi."
The stallion would yell as he turned around struck Dragonfly in the face, literally wiping the smug grin off. He would motion to the other stallion who still wore his mask, the whole time having stood there and watched.
"Uncuff him. Give him his equipment. Lets see if he really is a Rassulian defective. Drop him, no need to land."
The other stallion would walk over and take the cuffs off of Dragonfly and would drop his suit in front of him and tap it before he turned around to walk out of the room. The door would slam behind both the stallions that just walked out, leaving Dragonfly alone I the room. He would reach for his suit just before feeling the floor drop from beneath him, leaving him falling from the ship and landing on top of a hard dune of red sand.
Dragonfly would raise his hoof up to shield his eyes from the burning sun and would see the small transport ship just above him. The sharp squeal of a loud speaker came on as he heard the green eyed rassulian speak through it.
"Welcome home royal blood. Hope you recognize were you are so you can find water. Good luck, impi."
Dragonfly would stand up as the transport vessel flew off, looking around to see nothing but sand piled on sand. He grabbed his suit and would put it on as he started walking away from the sun.
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