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by on February 6, 2018
He-*STATIC* Hello? Hey uhh...*STATIC* hey it's Sclero uhh... I know I'm not supposed to be here but I've managed to find a bunker somewhere outside of Equestria. It looked like some abandoned bunker shelter? I decided to go down there and it looked like some old facility which held old documents and tubes which had test subjects which kinda looked like demon like ponies, one of them had black ink which kinda reminds me of those zombie ponies and one was just a floating torso and there was an unicorn which had a red eye that glows that kinda fucks with your sanity but they escaped and I found the test tubes which held them but they broke free, I...I *STATIC*-nd some documents which were from this base and this bunker like shelter belonged to "The Insurge of Chaos" which kinda reminded me of those SCP like guards but more strict and uptight. I've seen some VHS tape of an interrogation tape and one experiment tape on this "Creature" with Dr. Colt McHoofinton who looked like this successful geeky nerd like scientist. (Yes he was a scientist) and he was in the room with two other guards that had giant guns and the scientist was planning on doing multiple tests on a subject named "Independent" and then the video was cut short due to the lack of recording from the security camera so I decided to take it with me and bring it to my house back in Ponyville and... *LOUD BANGING FROM DOOR* (WHO'S THERE) Oh shit... They know *STATIC* i'm here *MORE LOUD BANGING* (OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR) I gotta get outta *STATIC* like RIGHT FUCKIN NOW!! *LONG STATIC*
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Basalt Alltrades
*Basalt blinks a few times before hanging up the phone.* "Darn telemarketers are getting weirder and weirder, I swear..."