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by on February 23, 2018
A new pack has seemed to move into the land of Equestria! Are they friendly? Or are they scary like their stick-like imitations?

A large, fluffy wolf with a wide and welcoming smile wags his tail happily as he moves some of his family and friends to greener pastures! His name is Windance, and he's brought along his only little pup. Pitterpaw follows his dad happily, eyes wide as he looks about.

He babbles happily to his dad about how he can't wait to make new friends, practically bouncing along after him.

The moving of a large pack has gotten the attention of some lone wolves as well it seems! Some that appear to be a bit more out of the ordinary.

A strange looking wolf seems past the roaming pack? And as soon as it is spotted, the mysterious flying wolf disappears into the clouds! A few other interesting wolves seem to follow suit, not following the main group. Where are they heading? Some were too fast to ask before they seemed to just disappear. Who knows what magic those wolves may have! Either way, it seems that there are new neighbors to be had in Equestria, and they want to make friends!

Hey everyone! I have yet to see any canon wolves in the MLP series...and since I'm such a sucker for wolves, I chose to try my hand at making some of my own. I made bases and tried my best to mimic the style of the show, so we could have some "almost-but-not-really canon" wolves. I hope everyone is fine with me potentially adding them here too, and if anyone would like to add their own wolves to the mix, I actually have the bases set up, free to use, on my dA account. The only real rule is if you use it, please credit me for the base, or link to the original base so others can find it and use it too.
Link to all the bases: Here

I hope to add my MLP wolves to my profile later, which is all three shown here, but wanted to see if people were fine with it first. It seemed okay in the rules, and I was hoping to add another fun thing to the community.
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Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
"Wait..." *She looks them over closely, wondering if one of them were the ones that did this to her*
wolves~! <3 Aaaa~!! so cute!
i've never seen a deer excited over a wolf before, bless u
Awww! They’re so cute! *she smiles*