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Neon Synthwave
by on March 26, 2018
This blog is mostly inspired by a post I saw on discord where people were saying how gender affects role play. One person said they received less rps as a stallion while another said they got more. In my personal opinion I think it has something to do with how someone has drawn their oc or the artwork they've used. The reason stallions seem to not get as many role plays is due to most not having good artwork of their oc. I've met many who have pony creator ocs as well as poorly drawn art. They might be good at role play but people, especially me, get turned off by the lack of good art. Another has to do with the fact that a lot of male ocs are simply out to erp (erotic role play). I've ran into many especially on ponysquare. There are many other reasons I could list but due to the lack of time I'll just leave it up to the reader.
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Captain Sky N Nova
I judge someone based more on OC information and character concepts rather than their art. I've seen people with very good art who can't RP and I've also seen people with no avatar or art what so ever who can give detailed paragraph replies too.
Neon Synthwave
And while that may be true those cases I find are very rare
Captain Sky N Nova
But thats where the first two come into play. If i see someone who I think has a good character I'll poke em with a stick and see if we can get a thing going.
Neon Synthwave
Yeah. I don't doubt that actually
Svarlet Batfire
I completely and totally, indubitably agree 99.9%!! But I also hate to admit it because judging a book by its cover is wrong. But its the way everyone is in life.
Huh, actually whilst yes, gender and even presentation do play a role. I think there are other factors as well. Seeing that my character is a stallion, I tend to get roleplays and when I reach out manage to gain one. There are also things such as established members. Instinctively most will tend to ...View More