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Queen Chrysalis
by on May 31, 2018
BoC-Verse Magic
Magic levels:
Lesser Magic
The most basic spell you can learn as unicorn is the Levitation spell. It is usually the first spell fillies and colts learn. Changeling Drones can usually only learn Lesser Magic spells while unicorns usually learn Lesser Magic and Individual Magic spells. Other Lesser Magic spells are simple illusion spells, heating and cooling spells, simple healing spells, temporary manifestation of magical auras. Lesser magic is a kind of magic most creatures are able to learn one or the other way, it does not require much practice and is rarely taught in schools because of how basic and simple it is.
Individual (unicorn) Magic
A kind of magic that is available to unicorns and other creatures known to be skilled in magic, it is usually based on their special talent and limited to only one or two magic classes, for example, a baker can easily use heating spells, or spells that alter the taste of food or even transform it into something else. The luckier ponies are those who have talents that include a huge variety of spell of multiple magic classes, if your talent is Illusion you are likely to be able to master even High Level Unicorn Illusion spells. Twilight Sparkle, whose talent is Magic itself is able to learn almost every spell known to ponykind, and she was able to even before she had become an alicorn, it is said that only a unicorn with this talent can even cast the spell that triggers the ascend.
High Level (unicorn) Magic
Only less than 1% of all unicorns can cast these spells, Princess Celestia has created her “School for gifted Unicorns” to find those ponies and give them the opportunity to maximize their potential. Examples for High Level Unicorn spells are Aging Spells, Spells that change bodies, gender or memories temporary, invisibility spells, time travel and amnesia spells.
Alicorn Magic
Not available to any pony except for some of the alicorns. The Queen of the Changelings is also able to use them if she is powerful enough through feeding. And so are other creatures, though usually only after taking over the magic of an alicorn. Examples for this magic is the guidance of celestial bodies, like the sun and the moon or strong counter spells for most High Level Unicorn spells. There are limits but the possibilities exceed the imagination of most magicians.
Active Magic Classes:
Active magic requires for the magic to be focused and cast through either a horn, a wand or a ritual.
Restoration Magic
Often referred to as ‘healing magic’ or ‘medical magic’, a magic class that includes all spells that repair, fix or restore things and creatures. From closing wounds to fixing broken bones, soothing pain or restoring a broken watch; restoration magic is all about restoration, as expected. Most of the spells are high level unicorn spells, which is why those who succeed at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns often seek to work as restoration magicians or doctors, even nurses. It is the most popular class at Celestia’s school.
Conjuration Magic
This class includes all summoning spells and those that create things out of thin air, but also spells that teleport objects and items from one place to another. Technically even Teleportation belongs in this class. It is one of the more popular subjects at the School for Gifted Unicorns and more than often learned by those who seek to work as court wizards due to its higher level in complexity.
Transfiguration Magic
Most of the spells in this class are Lesser Magic or Individual Magic spells and used to turn one object or creature into another for a limited amount of time. Often used for diets by turning healthy food into delicious food for only a few minutes or used in the fashion scenes to get a preview of the finished product. It is relatively safe to use and thus one of the classes offered in Celestia’s School.
Transformation Magic - Permission Needed
Despite the assumption that it is very similar to Transfiguration Magic, Transformation Magic can only be cast with permission, otherwise delicate punishments are to be expected that go along with imprisonment or high sums of money. The reason it is so dangerous is because unlike transfiguration, it is permanent, the object or ponies transformed does not turn back to its original form. Practical use is found mostly in medicine, were it is used to permanently change a pony’s gender or appearance, and at times illegally to turn worthless things into valuable ones.Which is another point, of course, would it be allowed to be used by just anyone who was able to, it could destroy the economy. Luckily it consists solely of High Level Magic spells and is only accessible by less than 1% of all unicorns.
Defensive Magic
Wards, shields, alteration of coats and skin. Those are the most common uses of Defensive Magic. it is also taught at Celestia’s School, for those who are able to use it and also taught to members of the Royal Guard that show magical talent. The most powerful unicorn known for this magic class is Prince Shining Armor, able to cast shield that wrap around entire cities and filter only certain or specific creatures.
Advanced spells of this class go far beyond shield spells, they can protect ponies from other spells, grant temporary immunity to fire, ice, even magic.
Elemental Magic
Fire, water, earth, air, ice, there are many sub classes in this Magic Class and a majority of the spells are offensive or defensive in nature. Ponies that show talent for Elemental Magic are often locked to a single element but those who are able to control more than one are not that rare. It is the newest class taught at Celestia’s School and also very popular with those who want to become wizards or show ponies.
The basic spells in this class are fire and ice. But all elements can be controlled by magic. Skilled magicians are even able to create electricity, draw the air out of the lungs of their enemies, control their blood and freeze or boil it, control earth, metal, lava or even the magical energy of other magicians. Though only very few magicians ever master Elemental Magic to this point, even the teachers at Celestia’s school are not able to cast all of those spells.
Illusion Magic
Formerly spells of this class were art of other classes, but after more and more illusion spells were crafted Celestia and Luna decreed that they would get their own category. However Illusion Magic has only been taught at Celestia’s School since the last century and is arguably the smallest class. Spells included in this category are simple illusions of visual or acoustic images and pseudo shape-shifting that makes the magician appear to change their shape while it is merely an illusion. Simpler spells include firework spells, explosions in general and illumination spells, while difficult spells includes ones such as invisibility and the creation of entire worlds that are not really there.
Blood Magic - Prohibited
It should be easy to tell by its name that this magic class has long been forbidden. There are no exceptions among Equestria’s citizens, except for the Princesses themselves, who, at times, use less harmful Blood Magic spells where other spells wouldn’t suffice. An example would be the blood contract that ensures none of the parties in a contract dares to break it.
Affliction Magic - Strictly Prohibited
Magic solely crafted to cause pain or to torture others. This class of magic is strictly forbidden to be used by anyone. By Celestia’s decree not even her or Princess Luna are allowed to use spells from this class, no matter the situation. The least immoral spell in this class is one that causes instant death to the target by shutting down all activity or heart and brain immediately. That says a lot about the less moral spells in this class. While this magic was used in the olden days to execute criminals or for interrogations, Celestia forbade it in the same year she removed death penalty from Equestrian Law.
Passive Magic Classes:
Magic that is often overlooked or not counted, or so rare that it does not fit into the other magic classes. Sometimes even shrugged off as alchemy, skill or nonsense.
Zebra Magic
Some do not see it as magic but advanced alchemy, the changeling though accept Zebra magic as actual magic. It is not much known about how exactly it works, but all spells are based on either rituals or psychology, they often seem much more magical than they are. Examples for these spells are healing spells, growing spells and a lot of nature-related spells.
Pegasus Magic
Only accepted as magic by few ponies, pegasus ponies have the ability to control weather. They can walk on clouds, even if they are heavier than unicorns or earth ponies. Pegasi can also create lightnings, fire and small clouds by releasing adrenaline and using physical activities, like fast flying, to turn the adrenaline into magical energy.
Chaos-based Magic
Not much is known about it, chaos magic is unpredictable, it is actually stronger than alicorn magic and can hardly be controlled. The only being known to use it is Discord, he can even create portals to other dimensions, instantly move the sun or the moon, take pony’s abilities away or create whole new dimensional spaces. How much control Discord has over his magic is unknown but he has at least some level of control.
Changeling Magic
This only applies to Queen Chrysalis, since changeling drones are mostly only able to cast Lower Magic spells, with a few exceptions who can cast more difficult spells. Many changeling spells are similar to Alicorn Magic or High Level Unicorn Magic but they work differently and thus can not be learned by ponies, not even alicorns. A spell changelings know is a Mind Control Spell that forces the Hive-Mind onto a pony, a similar spell but still different is the Hypnosis Spell that plants thoughts or removes them from the victim’s brain permanently.
Other kinds of Magic
There are many more kinds of magic, or even other ways to categorize the aforementioned types. Magic is difficult to explain and complex and once you know how it works it becomes science. Many creatures know magic we have never heard of or seen before, there are several other worlds and realities with magic we can not even imagine, magic that would make no sense to us. And while Equestria is full of magic, even the most powerful magicians and the most studied scientists of Equestria have not even scratched the surface of what magic is and what it can do. No one will ever understand it all, that is what magic is.
Ritual Magic
Neither tied to level or class, ritual magic can be split into spells that can be cast by anyone and spells that still need a magician or multiple magicians to channel the magic and execute it. In general the spells using Ritual Magic are stronger than other kinds, since they draw not only energy from the magician but also ingredients, surroundings or targets.
Most ritual require magical symbols to be drawn, runes or similar images, that can be drawn with either a substance that contain arcane energy, like blood, certain herbal mixtures or it can be drawn with magic itself if the magician is capable of it.
Raw magic
Raw magic energy can, but does not have to be, classified. Often the class depends on the magician but powerful ones or those without a specific talent might cast raw magic that is not classed and thus consists of pure, raw arcane energy. It is sometimes used to attack others, but can lead to unexpected results if it doesn’t just cause burns and wounds.