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Retina Somnium
by on September 5, 2018
Dear Princess Celestia,
I have searching my friend since a half year ago, but I haven't find her yet. I don't exactly know who is she, but I know we are similar, and if we met, we would get along very well. I know she would be my happy friend, and we could share our pleasures with each other. I know if she would be sad I could cheer her up, and she could do this about me as well. I know we could talk about what we love, maybe she as loves art and literature as me. Maybe she feels lonely now, like me, and she wants to find her friend, and wants to share her ideas and stories with somepony who understands her. She may want to have short chats with somepony to make her day more colorful. Maybe she also believes in God and prays sometimes to get somepony beside her in gloomy days (and happy days too.) Do you know anypony who's similar with these?
Yours sincerely, Retina Somnium
I hope you find her.
Retina Somnium
Thank you :) Maybe one day.
The Great Papyrus wishes you good luck in your hard working adventure to find you're friend i would do the same if i had someone i wanted to meet Nyeh hehe Keep your Chin up and be brave.
Retina Somnium
Thank you very much Great Papyrus :)