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Sophie Hoofington
by on November 4, 2018
~Our life is like living in the ocean,
~We feel alone in this empty blue,
~Everything is quiet and in slow motion,
~Feeling lost, not knowing what to do.
~We all live in this deep blue sea,
~Wanting the desire to swim free,
~We try our best but we slowly fall,
~Trying to reach the sun with our all.
~Here is my answer for all of you....
~Let go of all your past sins and scars,
~To others, you are perfect of who you are,
~If you want to go beyond and want to be free,
~Keep in your heart to be the person you want to be.
~You will never swim in this ocean alone,
~So take my hoof, let us go to our dreams,
~I will be by your side to face the shadows,
~You and I will feel the sun's perfect gleam.
~Nothing will stop us, no matter what the storm,
~Waves will not drown us, we will reach the shore,
~Just like how all the creatures that live in the sea,
~We will walk this world, to prove that we are free.