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by on December 2, 2018
There are only 4 rules. The 1st person to get nominated for any made up award gets it. Only 1 user per award. Ships are allowed to be nominated too. You can not nominate yourself, not even if you're in the ship
♥ Users
#1 Demon Lord: Blitz Emerald Fire
#1 European Artist: Pandora
1 black-red OC that works: Phoenix Genevieve
1st to use another account to nominate themselves: Aureole Spur
Abby's going to kill her If she doesn't stop booping her: Ephemeria Spring
Artist to Follow in 2019: Pinkie Wolf
At least they tried: Littchie Von Bleed
Babe with the best punching sauce: Lula Vieve
Best alien: Rio Rio Russel
Best and Cutest Nimbat: Mellow
Best artist: dibby
Best Australian: Schwoopy Tail
Best Australian boy: Schwoopy Tail
Best author: Redlight
Best award giver: it
Best baby maker: Dibby
Best Baker: Basalt
Best birb: Desert Thorn
Best bite: Dibby
Best blue boi: Isaac B. Lightning
Best bread : City Bread
Best British smile: dibby
Best bugger: Dally
Best canon OC: Icy Breeze
Best commie: Katya Ironstead
Best crimson dragon: Crimson Night
Best customer service: Acry Weaver
Best dad: Basalt
Best dank memer: Abby
Best demon boi: Seir
Best draft bat: Koko
Best dragon: Próba
Best Emery : Dream²
Best fanon OC: Waste
Best Fed-Ex Employee: Phoenix Genevieve
Best friend: Gen Tonic
Best friend to beat up: Phoenix Genevieve
Best founder: Emery de Cleyre
Best foxo/OC waifu: Eiko Aki
Best gay that'll let you know she's goddamn gay: Abby
Best gloves: Teddy Bear
Best glowing horse: GlowStick
Best good bean: Frosty
Best goth GF: Shadow Bell
Best grabby feet: Amethyst the Hippogriff
Best Heister: Scarlet Serenade
Best Hero: Starstab
Best homie: Livulah
Best jail outlaw: Baby
Best lord of cones: Script Anonymous Cone Lord lord of all Cones
Best maid enthusiast: Schwoopy Tail
Best massages: Emery De Cleyre
Best mistletoe: Gen Tonic
Best mod: Velvet Night
Best mom: Gen Tonic
Best music: Sophie Hoofington
Best Newbie: EvergreenChrysalis
Best nominator: Schwoopy Tail
Best notification spammer: Schwoopy Tail
Best overall staff member: Sorren
Best panda: Pandora
Best person to get mugged by: Red Ink
Best person who talks about science: Butterscotch Ormand
Best person who won't ever see this: Rozaline Sassyfangs
Best pet photos: Ephemeria Spring
Best pickle jar opener: Amethyst the Hippogriff
Best Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Wolf
Best pony: Comp
Best pony that likes everything: Dream²
Best possum: Gen Tonic
Best potato queen: Summer Rose the Potato Queen
Best purple: Amethyst the Hippogriff
Best rart around: Rart Police
Best rock thrower: Nico
Best sister bat: Glass Arrow
Best sociopath....or psychopath I can't tell those apart: Phoenix Genevieve
Best snek: Maxh
Best snugglebuddy: Guffie
Best Snowy Micro-pegasus: Snow Storm
Best social wingman: Schwoopy Tail
Best staff alumnus: Nacle
Best staff member: Snow Storm
Best stand user: Slurpee Hooves
Best tails: Ambient Waves
Best team Lead: Stardusk Strider
Best toe: Lula Vieve
Best trash Man: Adrian Coalhopper
Best Unrecognized roleplayer: Sugar the Floofshifter
Best wife: Seir
Best wife that beats all GFs: Lula Vieve
Bigger bully than biggest: Lula Vieve
Biggest ass hole but actually cares a lot: Demonic hooves
Biggest BITCH: Phoenix Genevieve
Biggest bully: Frost
Biggest gay: Lula Vieve
Biggest gay blueberry: Frost
Biggest ladies' man: Schwoopy Tail
Biggest muscles: Wolfbane
Biggest smelly: Velvet Night
Biggest snake: Aelwen
Biggest troll: Emery de Cleyre
Bluest pony: Comp
Coolest: Frost
Coolest non-Bruins fan: Comp
Could steal Gen Tonic's soul any day: Seir
Cute artist: Frozenfeather
Cutest Babies: Dibby
Cutest bat: Lula Vieve
Cutest boy: Red Ink
Cutest female OC Abby want to drag ME to DMs: Gen Tonic
Cutest female OC Abby would Drag to DMs: Painted Midnight
Cutest female OC Abby wouldn't drag to DMs: Pandora
Cutest female OC too pure to drag to DMs: Teddy Bear
Cutest Pandapone: Pandora
Cutest pone on site: Shadow Bell
Cutest royal guard: Velvet Night
Cutest sail pony!: yamato
Cutest wolf BF: Razor
Dearest leader: Corona / Dulce Mocha
Fanciest unicorn: Crystal Summer
Fattest bug: Dally
Friendly blue floof: Guffie
Funniest donkey attempting parkour: adrian coalhopper
Gayest: Abby
Gen Tonic would howl at her moon: Pinkie Wolf
Guy who Eiko Aki would probably have a drink with: Butterscotch Ormand
Hottest stallion: Thunder Riff
Kindest user: Pinkie Wolf
Kindest user ever: Demonic Hooves
Least able to think: Zero the Ermine
Least Popular : Kitsune
Likely to find a gf in 2019: Comp
Literally no one can even think about reaching their pedestal wife: Gen Tonic
Loneliest staff member: Comp
Looks best in glasses: Dibby
Lula Vieve's wife for life: Gen Tonic
Most anticipated blog maker: it
Most beloved banned user: Cambia
Most caring GF: Pinkie Wolf
Most dedicated roleplayer: Dexalot
Most dreamy: Dream²
Most Generous: Tornado Turbulence
Most like their character: Pinkie Wolf
Most likely to be stepped on: Yamato
Most likely to get nominated: Shark Face
Most likely to Scawoo while trying to Scree: Pinkie Wolf
Most memorable banned user: Jingles
Most missed: Cambia
Most memorable: Schwoopy Tail
Most positive user: Fable Daydreams
Most potato: Summer Rose
Most secure password: Corona / Dulce Mocha
Most smelly pony: Bright Brave
Most supportive user: Eiko Aki
ONLY mama: Gen Tonic
Only user willing to talk to Butterscotch for prolonged periods of time: Eiko Aki
Pizza shit: Black Parade
Phoenix Genevieve's best girlfriend: Seir
Quickest yeet: PR
Schwoopy Tail's favorite staff : Snow Storm
Seir's best girlfriend: Phoenix Genevieve
Sleepiest babe: Amethyst the Hippogriff
Snarkiest user: Charlie
So Charming He Made Me Bi: Captain Sky N Nova
So Charming He Makes Me Wish We Were Gay For Each Other: Honey Fall
So Charming He Makes Me Wish We Were Straight For Each Other: Demonic hooves
So Charming She Keeps Me Gay: Cally Ber
So Cute She Probably Murdered a Bunch of People And Is Just Using Her Sweetness as a Cover Up: Ephemeria Spring
Summer Rose’s best friend: Knight’nGame
The cutest: Seir
Top Bat: Black Parade
Wanting to be a part of the circle jerk: Cally Ber
Weirdest user: Jade The Pegasister
Will probably talk to you even if you dont want him to: Schwoopy Tail
Worst opinion (thinking bagged milk is GOOD): Phoenix Genevieve
♥♥ Ships
Best "They totally stole my name" ship: Lula Vieve X Gen Tonic
Best lesbian ship: Frost X Cherry
Best ship on CA: Seir x Phoenix
Cutest couple: Lula x Gen
OTP: Schwoopy Tail x Teddy
Shouldn't work but does: dibby x Koko
Topics: best users
Most likely to Scawoo while trying to Scree: Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
Phoenix Genevieve
First to use another account to nominate themselves: Aureole Spur
Desert Thorn
If we're still doing these, let's do 'Best Fed-Ex Employee: Phoenix Genevieve'
He's the regional district manager of this place
Phoenix Genevieve
Assistant to the Regional Manager
Basalt Alltrades
:o Lula Vieve Frosty <3 // are you guys just trying to get more baked goods from me? because it's working... :T
Hottest stallion: Thunder Riff
Isaac B. Lightning
... I'm pretty damn sure I'm not that blue.
I beg to differ.
Isaac B. Lightning
Begging is for the weak, be stronk dergan.
Beats the differ into you
Isaac B. Lightning
I have made a terrible mistake.
Fable Daydreams
Best homie: Livulah
Aw lil homie
Fable Daydreams
//Bagged milk actually is good.
Princess Heckin&#039; Luna
Best Princess Luna: @Princess heckin' luna
Princess Heckin&#039; Luna
How abt best moon butt
Princess Heckin&#039; Luna
o- ok
Why, why wopuld you awaken a dead post?
All bumpers are banned from nominating on 2019's blog
Basalt Alltrades
// i missed this one, i'll prolly miss the next one, too, fight me