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Ambient Waves
by on December 3, 2018
Welcome to the tell all guide to scented oils sold and used by Ambient.
~Scented oils (Imported from Devka)~
Twilight Willow - Smells close to lavender in a way, as it reflects moon light only giving you a slight aura look around you at night. The glass looks like purple flower petal and the liquid looks like you're looking at the stars at night.
Mages Pine - Mages Pine looks like liquid mana, as the glass bottle is shaped like as a blue star, as it makes magic feel less taxing to unicorns allowing them to use magic longer or cast mor powerful spells with a little more ease.
Blessed Rose - comes in a rose like glass bottle and smells like rose, though this rose thanks to always growing near mage pine has healing like properties.
Chilling Tulip - this comes i a snowflake shaped white glass bottle, as it's been told to chill ponies right to the bone allowing for one to deal with hot days as a breeze.
Dragons Chilli - comes in a red chilli shaped bottle, it gives off a rather spicy smell around the pony, as some pony is two close it can sometimes hurt there sense of smell. This was more so made for Dragons or dragon hybrids.
Moon Birch - this comes in a galaxy shaped bottle and switches between a blur and purple colour, as it smells like wild berries and makes a pony very faintly twinkle at night like a star. Matching the colour of there coat.
Dragons heart (flower) - this has a odd smell, a cinnamon rose like smell, as it is well known under the Dragons as a more down to date type scent. Comes in a red heart shaped bottle.
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