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Pitaya Dragonfruit
by on December 24, 2018
This is Pitaya, the fruit bat that has moved into Equestria rather recently. It's my first time writing to you, Celestia and Luna, if you ever receive my message! Oh, but no time for introduction, this is a very serious matter.
You see, outside of my home, just about every day since I moved here, there has been a mysterious crocodile who dawdles about like he's looking for something. He has big, beady eyes, a little creepy actually, and a tongue that's always hanging out for your identification purposes. He does little to disturb me too much, sure - but each time he passes through, he sits at the door until I give him a baked good so he can carry on his merry way.
This has been a problem for many a day now - two months, to be precise. And without fail, every day, I see this little crocodile come by and request a muffin or two. Or is he an alligator? I simply don't know. Sometimes he comes with a balloon attached to his tail, and becomes aggressive whenever I get near it.
But the way he looks at me! Does he desire something more? What do I give him? What are my responsibilities in this situation? Are there consequences to giving him more baked goods? Does he have an owner? Where is all this pink hair on him coming from? Please help. He is starting too intently for my liking.