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by on December 28, 2018
Today was interesting to say the least.
I departed this morning for Ponyville from the Canterlot train station with my sister and her family there to see me off. The Princesses gifted me a cart that I could comfortably travel in and assigned two guards to accompany me on my journey. I understand why, there're some parts of Equestria that are downright dangerous. The guards are from the Crystal Empire. It gets very boring up there apparently and according to them Prince Shining Armor though they could use some time away from that environment. One of them, Flash Sentry, seems nice enough. He's a bit of a worry wart, though. The other one, however, is the most rude stallion I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. Diamond Sword, such a shame a lovely name like his is burdened with such a mean pony. He seemed fine at first. A little goofy and informal, but fine. But when we arrived in Ponyville he said that my assignment wasn't important and that I was just some nopony. It hurt a lot to hear. Luckily Flash stepped in and told him off. I heard that he had to spend the whole day doing hard labor. I feel kind of bad about that. I just wanted an apology, after all. Maybe I'll try talking to him tomorrow. Things went well afterwards. I had a chat with Princess Twilight about my assignment. She was delighted to learn that Princess Luna was in charge of overseeing my assignment. After that I left Flash to catch up and I got to enjoy some sweets with my grandma. I also got an invitation to a welcome to Ponyville Party as the guest of honor. The ponies in this town are so nice! I wish Canterlot had a community like this. Flash came by while I was with my grandma to tell me where we were staying that night; good ol' Sweet Apple Acres. I remember when my sister and I used to play hide and seek in the Orchard when we would visit the place. The day concluded with dinner at the Apple family's house. They're fun to be around. I'm looking forward to actually starting my research tomorrow. Knowing Ponyville there's bound to be something new to discover in terms of art. Oh, I almost forgot. After I said goodnight to my grandma, I met an interesting pony on my way to Sweet Apple Acres. A purple stallion by the name of Reign Dance. We talked for a bit and he said he'd show me some interesting art work that he designed that used water as it's medium. Perhaps that will be the perfect starting point for my research! It's getting late, however, and my candle is running out. I guess it's time for bed.