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Maxh Vezpyre
by on December 28, 2018
The curse of the Sanguine, it's a well knowing affliction, and one of the most ancestral in Egyptian lore.
A curse laid down by an old goddess to one of his betraying followers, cursing their mere existence by a severe thirst for blood.
With the populous growing weary and afraid every year, their constant attacks created a taste of vengeance in the people, devoting themselves to learn about their weaknesses and eventually, training to fend for themselves against the Sanguine tyranny. They created the Holy Crusade, a group of highly combative holy wielding paladins with the sole purpose to exterminated them.
Overtime they were able to erase the existence of every single Sanguine or so they believed, leaving them with no other choice but to suffer from starvation, due of them being secluded and hidden from the holy wrath. Yet one man, C'onde O Drakul Anerath. managed to survive the onslaught and hid himself on his own accords.
He didn't had to suffer from the demise of many Sanguine, unlike them, he had a huge social status, a lot of wealth and could satiate himself in secret.
Thousands of years has passed since, and the Holy Crusade disbanded from their practices, as more convenient ways of fighting were born, more easier ways to tap into the holy magic, thus the creation of priest's, monks and martial artist was the first movement to reach within the populous heart.
Yet lord Drakul didn't just stood there living a wealthy life all these years. His fortune was running out, many started to suspect from the overlord, and over the years he managed to pass his curse on many of his children, which they continued the same infectious chain again, and again, and again.
They've learn how to trick and deceive like professionals scammers, and found an affinity on how much they can push their luck on blending with the people in towns and cities, often succeeding, often failing and being hunted down by newly curse hunters.
Sanguines are hard to spot at simple sight, one isn't as dumb enough to show their fangs nor their incredibly illusionist prowess. Drakul himself taught his children how to blend among the living, but many would try to rebel against their father, and get exterminated in the process. An old habit that won't die anytime soon. It said that, blend in such oblivious ways is the school of disobedience from their sons passed to future generations.
- Silver, the metal of purity used by the Holy Crusade to slay Sanguine and Lycanthropy alike, yes, Silver can and will also deal several damage to cursed entities.
- Sun light, fire, another purifying element, it's mostly tied by the old Moon goddess, the one that cursed her followers, and the Holy Crusade, who asked the goddess of the sun to stop her sister from the wrong-doings and her unholy spawns, a sibling rivalry for the most, it's why the Sanguine are the only type of cursed beings who are mortally afflicted by it.
- Holy Artifacts, as dictated, seems to be fragments of the Sun Goddess body.
- Anyone Afflicted with Lycantrophy can erase a Sanguine by a single bite, and vice-versa. It's still not described why the Lycanthrope are enemies with them, and why one bite is enough for each other to erase their existence completely.
- Safety of one's house: By the inevitable fear of being caught, a Sanguine cannot enter someone's residence without being invited first, once invited the victim can do nothing to defend themselves, they WILL be attacked and feasted on no matter the precautions beforehand. A sleepless can be put into a deep hypnosis with ease, and the sleepers shall be attacked at that moment. As soon as you don't invite them, you'll be fine and they'll find another prey to try their luck. Sanguine's cannot be persistent, they need to find another source of food somewhere else, they cannot waste any time.
Notable Frightening Features:
- Immortal beings.
- Starvation madness. The Sanguine didn't die because of starvation, but they died by losing control after not having their share of blood over the past week, they succumb themselves to a much feralish state, like a rabid dog. They gain incredible speed and strength despite their withered looks, a Sanguine that can remain without feeding for months, it's safe to assume their physical power would be enough to lift an entire building with their bare hands and their screeching shouts pierce one's ears from kilometers. However, no state of this super Sanguine has been found, the hunger is strong enough to pull them out of their hide out and be easy target practice for hunters or the Holy Crusade itself, which is the main reason of their inevitable demise. Imagine a wild boar charging at a hunter in a straight line, it's entirely the same.
- Masters of Illusion: The Sanguine had an highly and capable enough intellect to also learn different schools of magic, but the ones that suits them the most is Illusionist. Being able to fool their prey by creating images of themselves and look like they're teleporting everywhere, often confusing or charming their victims as they find it like a magic show, mixed with their highly sweet talking skills. They possess invisibility spells that can only be used when in a pinch, or to make their escape easily, however, invisibility takes too much power and may need to rest an entire day after using it, depends on how adept someone is at the school.
- Hypnotic sight: Like that one stranger looking directly into your actual direction, and you else try to face them by also looking or look away, could mean potential hypnotism depends on how stupidly brave you are, a victim that has been hypnotized, can hear the Sanguine's voice calling for them. One feels an incredible urge to follow said voice, often leading to secluded areas, the Hypnotism last for a few hours, ending in complete paralysis from both body and mind. It is clear the Sanguine achieved it's feast and you may wake up with no recognition of what happened, but a pair of punctured wounds on your neck.
- Curse Spreaders: Their curse can ONLY enter someone's body by consent, and not by just a simple bite. The victim is actually well aware that they want to be a Sanguine, breaking the purity of their body seal and letting said magic take over. The Sanguine possess secret sects knowledgeable by other mortals looking to increase their numbers. The School also offers the curse of the Sanguine.
- Nocturnal acrobats: There's actual live reports of Sanguine being incredibly agile under the moonlight, instead of the dark enclosure of a cave or a castle, it's said that, the Moon Goddess feels regret for doing such a malevolent act towards her subjects, she does whichever she can to aid them in their survival needs, ultimately to face her sister over supremacy. (This is an estimation, we have no clear information why this phenomenon occurs.)