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Maxh Vezpyre
by on December 28, 2018
Lycanthropy has been long ago, bound by the god of death and life Anubis, a tall man or woman with the head of a canine with unknown origin.
Although the curse is well known to bring forth the feralish sides of every afflicted, Anubis never sees their magic as something harmful but something not to be trifled with.
It's said as well, Anubis knew the goddess of the Moon (The perpetrator of the Sanguine) An ancient tablet found in one of the hidden Anubis chambers, donated by the Vezpyre family, pin point a love interest in between the two, although the fragment has been damaged by the relentless erosion of time, the WHY about a break up is still a mystery.
Lycanthropy, or wolf transformation, is a maddening occurrence by the afflicted. Anubis did not took in consideration the weakness of their followers and fanatics, turning them into bloodthirsty creatures every full moon with the features of a wolf, or a two-legged humanoid with same aspect and enhanced body structures.
We also assume that, Anubis turned their followers while still hurt by the sudden break up with the Moon goddess, creating an unstable management of feelings and sensations only driven forth by confusion and feralish rage. Every full moon, a Lycan may howl at it, in sorrow and despair, giving a hint about Anubis still missing their loved one and calling for her.
Feeling an emptiness inside that only can be quench by rampant rage, thus, the tales of Lycanthropes ransacking towns is not new, but an occurrence still happening even to this very day. Depends on the courage of one's heart, they may be able to tame their wolf within'. A weak heart filled with nothing but worries and fears is prompt to lose control, fearing about hurting their loved ones, or dread feeling of rejection, it only feeds the curse with more motivation for them to go wild, even without a full moon, they're more unstable than others. Explosive short tempered lashes, often avoiding social interactions, are but the main things to be careful about.
It is possible to control this curse, depending on how the afflicted got said malediction, if the victim contracted Lycanthropy through an attack, it'll be harder for them to control it, unlike those who drank the blood of one, willingly accepting Anubis gift.
However, easier is a loose way of saying (Not as simple), let us introduce to you, Demitri Longtail, a veteran Lycantrophe that may explain in better details, and one of the teachers from our respectable school.
(Upon this point, a quite muscular Sphinx with several scars across his face, would step forward for a brief interview, although he has a face of no friends, he's still quite a social and composed teacher)
Demitri: "Greetings new students, if you're interested in knowing about the hardships of controlling Anubis old gift, I must say, it wasn't easy, no matter how loosely they tell you here, it simply wasnt."
The Sphinx quietly takes a seat and faces the recording magical device floating by.
"It's a nightmare, it takes years for someone to overcome their wolf. But the more you learn how to control your emotions, the wolf will start to manifest itself in your dreams, or your conscious, threatening to murder your entire loved ones if you don't give in to the temptation of the hunt, but the more you refuse it, the calmer it'll grow, just how mine became but a mere puppy, afraid of me instead of the other way around. The only tip I could give to those who has the gift of Anubis, is to find a witch doctor, as they will remove the curse through days upon days of tedious healing rituals, often proving to be fatal so it was a big no to me. Or face your wolf through emotional control, don't be afraid, that's what your wild side wants, it wants you to be a scared cat, easy to pull the worse of you in a blink of an eye." As he slams his paw on the table, cracking it a bit. "... Oh sorry about that, I still got a lot to learn."
- What is the best way to control your emotions.
Demitri: "Through spiritual attunement, monks will literally beat you down the moment they find any slightly burst of rage, they will bind your body and spirit down, with you unable to do anything but to calm down, it's extreme but works the fastest, allows one to start talking with your inner wolf, if you still can't talk with them, I suggest you find a way to, the more you let it hidden the worse it is to bring it forth."
As he stroked his chin and responded with a chuckle.
"Then there's meditation, but you'll have to travel at the highest of mountains where no wilderness can be seen, as many healers will aid you with it, it's less painful but takes a deal of time too, I'll recommend this one if you're afraid of physical pain. And that's gonna be it, for more information seek me at my classroom."
(End of the brief interview.)
- Lycanthropes have a mortal weakness against silver, although not as mortal for Sanguine, they however find it's cleansing properties life-threatening. Silver is one of the purest metals in the world, often utilized in medicine in small amounts to purify and enhance it's properties. And curses being the opposite of pure, shall be highly volatile against such metal, this also includes Quicksilver or Mercury weaponry.
- A Sanguine. We believe the work of the Moon Goddess only reminded Anubis of his lost love interest, thus focusing a big amount of rage on them, while also feeling compelled by her and incredible weak, a bite of one Sanguine may erase a werewolf.
- Aconite: a concoction made specifically to bring down a Lycan, it's highly toxic, and it's even capable to inflict several damage to the Venomous Vipers.
- Mortality: Proven by Demitri, Lycans do possess an higher lifespan than most of the mortals, it allows them to hunt for longer time, but even they aren't immune to the pass of time itself, a wound must be performed with ruthlessness to a Lycanthrope, if the wound is not potent enough, they will simply quickly regenerate themselves.
- Perpetual Suffering: If the afflicted contracted Lycanthropy through a wound, their mind becomes softer, easier to scare, they end losing control of their acts and emotions, when turned for the first time, they may witness anything happening, only adding more to the mental torture this creates. They're aware of what they've become, and may have restless nights, afraid of themselves, afraid of telling others about it. They well know how much of a threat they became, to the point of finding themselves in total solitude, they fear death like nobody else would.
Frightening Properties.
- Monstrously Regeneration; It's no wonder to be unable to defeat a werewolf with a single sword slash, or a blunt impact, gun wound even. Lycanthropes body possess enormous physical properties, allowing them regenerate at an alarming speed, even without their transformations, a normal afflicted would also regenerate quickly if they get hurt. This regeneration slows the pass of body aging by a lot.
- High Physical attributes: A Lycan in their natural transformation could outmatch a running cheetah with ease, and possess strength enough to deal incredible damage, often sending their first victim, if smaller than them, fly away by one single blow. They have cunning night vision, and like wolves, if found in packs, they could possess an entire danger for any surrounding populated areas.
- Curse Carriers and Curse inflicters Lycanthropy is not a choice, if you manage to tell the tale of a Lycanthrope attack, immediately find the closest priest to heal and dispel the curse, any Lycan is capable of infecting others by a single slash of their claws or bite. However the most experienced ones may offer it to the willing, by drinking a bit of their blood. The effect is immediately.
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I was always a fan of the Lycanthropes in dungeons and dragons, especially the newest editions, of how they portray the curse. I've had a werebear druid for some time, and its always fun to use the curse as a pivot point in the character's story and reaction to certain situations. This is especially...View More
Maxh Vezpyre
I do add Werebears in my lore, but I do not put them since It's still an unknown type of thing to dwell into, not until I see a werebear character so I can start adding it.
Pitaya Dragonfruit
If you ever decide to include a werebear, I do recommend following the mentality d&d describes; prefers seclusion, highly protective of nature, driven towards defending rather than attacking.
Maxh Vezpyre
The idea of creation is to make something original from an already fantasy-based idea without twisting it too much. If I were to just take from D&D then I would of be simply copying, which isn't something original to begin with ;p That's why I've tied Lycanthropy with Anubis, and tied the whole mo...View More