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Maxh Vezpyre
by on December 28, 2018
Although, the curse has been discovered under unfortunate circumstances and only a selected few are afflicted by it.
A well renowned group of Explorers, discovered an old serpentine looking temple, in one of their expeditions, and unknowingly for them, or despite the warnings outside the building, they all decided to enter it's putrid cursed walls without any type of preparation, underestimating the power of the dormant creature awaiting tor them inside.
A giant serpent-like creature, cursed the entirety of the crew, among them, the treasure hunters Maxh and Khax from the Vezpyre family, binding their lives to this ancient Empress of the Vipers, thus the name that has been granted to such affliction.
Their bodies gradually shaped into serpent-like reptilians, half snake, half humanoids, over the course of their lives, it didn't occur instantaneously, the suffering only begun at their early 20's, young and naive explorers facing unknown dangers.
Today they still perform the most important type of explorations and discoveries in all Egypt, and they're able to control their afflictions to a certain degree.
About Viperess:
It's been ten years since the incident, but the Empress hasn't shown any type of interest for her old kingdom, but her territorial zones.
Egypt is separated into various clans, and one of them are the famous vipers. She will guard her territory with a nearly uncrushable power from those who dare to step into her doors, just like how she did thousands of years ago in her youth.
Viperess, as she kindly named herself, was the youngest sister of the Moon and Sun goddess, being only a young girl, she's been often threated horrible by her family. Her entire life knew nothing but the sole purpose of obtaining power, ultimately to take the throne she rightfully deserves.
On her teenager days, despite her sisters being often busy by their royal duties, Viperess found herself adoring the forgotten and prohibited arts of dark magic. Her fascination grew to such extents that her mind would eventually start to seek more, and more, to the point of madness.
Dark magic is, just as powerful than any kind of magic, if not even more powerful, but it cost one's sanity, it taxes on one's body, or even lifespan, something she had infinitely of, becoming the greatest vessel for this school to be growth into immeasurable magnitudes.
Viperess was also a skilled poisoner and arcane practitioner, being able to shape her arcane magic into green venomous fire, or exhale a toxic cloud of burning death upon her enemies, even finding herself being bitten by the most toxic of creatures, including subjecting herself to thousands of snake bites, in order to develop an immunity to said toxicities. The process was told by her to be the most horrid type of pains ever, like fire ants bitting you from the inside, for nearly an hour, passing out from each session until she grew accustomed to it.
Immortality had it's perks and she knew exactly how to use them, to make herself stronger. Something she achieved overtime.
She quickly earned followers, and a lot of attention from followers that would also offer her a snake in signal of good fortune, days were dedicated only to her, something her sisters found rather annoying.
But everything eventually came to an end, when one of her followers, which was believed was an outsider sent by her sisters, to infiltrate her secret cults, came to light the fact that she's been desecrating her rightful to the throne by practicing dark magic, an act of treason for the gods who feared this unholy power.
And yet, not even her sisters couldn't stop her, it didn't matter if they found out about her betrayal, Viperess already grew so strong, it was the most powerful warlock Egypt has even seen, she couldn't be killed, nor wounder, magic bounced off her like a rubber ball against an iron wall, leaving no other choice but to unite strength among god's and mortals who found her practices also an abomination, in order to cast a single spell, to lock her away in a dormant sleep. They built up a serpentine temple, where they left her to sleep forever, and never be found ever again.
Not only they locked her away, but also did her followers, dooming them to die within these walls with their so-called Empress forever.
And yet...
Viperess: "The world of the dreams, didn't stop me to keep on refining my powers, they only locked me away because they feared me, fear that I would take my inevitable vengeance against my family, and these pesky sisters of mine, on a time in which my popularity blinded me, and made me feel... happy, wanted.
My children's... they even dared to lock my children's to their fragile fate, but I wouldn't allow that. I bound them with me from the dream world, giving them a long lasting life within my imprisonment, they took care of me in my everlasting dreams, guarding my jail, mutating into their serpentine true form as how I did, it helped them survive as how I know it'll help my newly found children's as well. A dream in which a big group of adventurous would finally open our imprisonment, oh... I cannot wait to take them under my claws.
They're a fragment of me, and they live because I saved them, I am... a good mother."
(She wishes not to be interviewed, for the time being, it will take months for her to be in the same mood again)
Information about their Empress can be found in the separated library, of mythical gods and goddesses.
- Reptilians: Like any reptile creature, you may notice the already discouragement for extreme cold temperatures. Hibernation may occur after being exposed for too long under zero.
- Mortality: Although they possess enhanced body properties, they're still mortals, any type of lethal force could stop them, like the Lycans it needs to be fatal.
- Distance Weakness: If a viper were to travel away from their homeland, their bodies become normalized, weakened by the missing aura of their Empress, their sight is significantly reduced, and cannot perform shapeshifting while in foreigner lands.
- Aconitum - Queen of Poisons: Like the Lycans, they can also be killed by the only type of toxic that defies any normal boundaries, Viperess herself still is impressed by this concoction. She even tried to build and immunity by it, but it was unsuccessful, a simple injection of it was enough to knock her out unconscious for years. She realized it wasn't worth to try anymore. Finding respect for it's unknown powers.
- Empress Puppets: Although they can easily control their affliction, they cannot deny their mother's call, like mindless zombies if they're send to die for her, they must obey. Long battles have been won by her, just by sending her combat adept children's into countless wars, to test their newly enhancements. Many of these wars have been won, others they weren't so lucky. Reducing their numbers to only a few over the time, upon her release by the Vezpyre Explorer's League.
Notable Attributes
- Empress Aura: The vipers, or better called "Naga" may find a boost in physical power only in their homelands or wild enclosures, where their Empress rules underground. Being closer to their homeland grants them a significantly increase of strength, speed and vision. For generations many raids have been attempted at the Empress lands, and every single one of them failed due for this strange magical aura.
"Come my children, do not be afraid, I'm here with you." - Viperess voice echoing whenever one of her subjects feels a surge of power, once near her territory, registry fragment.
- Naga Shapeshifting: This has proven to be quite useful for the Explorer's League, the ability to shift back into a reptilian-like creature, capable of burrowing themselves under the sands, and tunneling their way around, like a professional swimmer would in a pool, it has been utilized to find even more buried treasures or buildings forgotten to time.
- Toxicity Immunity: Just like their Empress, they're also incredibly resistant to poison, venom or other wastes that could cause severe health problems to anyone who isn't keen in the subject, Khax Vezpyre often test herself many of our alchemical poisons or even test out radioactive substance, we found no clear signals of said things afflicting any sort of damage to their bodies. Unless it's Aconitum, which proved to be nearly fatal just by testing out a single drop of it. Further testing with this substance has been prohibited since.
- Hypnotic Glare: Or crystal gaze, it's an unknown prowess developed by the vipers themselves, Viperess herself shows no signals of having this power, apparently by her words, her childrens develop their own strength, driven by genetic alterations over the years. Even though they can't control it yet, it's strongly advice by anyone not to stare for too long, otherwise you might end in a complete paralysis, that will fade overtime.
"My children's often shows powers that even I couldn't comprehend... it's... interesting, and makes a mother proud of it." - Viperess registry fragment.
- Unique Venomous Glands: Although venom is a harmful substance, many of Viperess nagas, seems to produce their own type of venom with often helpful, harmful or chaotic properties, we've collected several samples individually to see their effects, many proved to be harmful, but not lethal, some would give permanent blindness, others would shut down a leg, or auditive elements.
Other venoms showed to give a boost of energy, strength, speed, underwater breathing, even wound sealing, and many others.
However every single one of them proved to be highly addictive, with a heavy loss of strength and mood as a secondary side-effect that gradually normalizes, we recommend using venomous boost, once every two days, to balance out it's addictive-driven toxins.
The School also provides antidotes for any kind of venom or poisons, if you've been accidentally grazed by their injectors, do not wait for the effect to take place, rush immediately to the infirmary. Unless you're already knowledgeable about it's effect, or willing to take it's boosting.
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Maxh Vezpyre