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Ambient Waves
by on January 26, 2019
Hello Ambient,
It's been wonderful to hear from you after so long, but I have to admit and ask why would you ask about your family history. Normally this isn't something you would talk about.. I only remember very little about it but here is the history.
Ever since I the Anna incident, when I found your mother in a lot of pain from her.. Malicious and unethical experiments that was going on by her, I rescued her with the help of Adine who caught wind of it one night delivering food. Anyway, we will be skipping the next parts for now... As I wish not go go though and remember all of that.
About 2 years later I noticed your mother and father having about.. 5 foals or filly's..which I have to admit at that time it was a miracle in a way, I managed to catch wind of odd hybrids or odd things roaming the Zypher Islands near them so I went to check them out. I noticed that.. It seems really odd to have a timberwolf pony hybrid and such.. Then there was you a multi-tailed pony who at the time your familiy was already large to create a lot of problems relating to money so they very kindly offered you to me, where I remember it exactly you seemed to be picked on most if not every pony in the family for having those. Your mother asked me to take you off from her due to everything happening.
I happily accepted and remember how curious you were to start a new adventure, as you seemed troubled from your brothers and sisters and other pressure.
Anyway,thats all I have time for to write, I have to wait until tomorrow to be able to again. The palace seemed to have picked up.. Yet again.
Wanna see ya soon~ - Acallia.
Topics: devka, backstory