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by on February 12, 2019
Princess Celestia.
First and foremost I must warn you that this is quite a boring letter. I recommend reading it while doing something equally as boring, such as waiting for the last RPG party member to arrive. You know, the one who's always late, and contributes to almost nothing to the story, but the Master forces you and the others to wait, for reasons beyond you (Totally not bias).
Due to a recent turn of events, I was rendered incapable of meeting you in Canterlot as it has been requested, and thus, I hope to communicate through a series of letters the findings and discoveries I've made about my condition after my return to Equestria, along with the answer to all of the questions that were supposed to be answered in the personal meeting, which might never happen.
As you already know, I, as a protoss, can be greatly weakened by the mere presence of a magical creature (Which includes, but is certainly not limited to, Unicorns, Alicorns, Crystal Ponies, Pinkie Pie, etc.). However, it has come to my attention that, not only am I weakened by strong magical presences, but also harmed, up to the point where a recent and 'harmless' scout mission almost led to my death. Such fact has never been noted on a fully healthy Protoss, thus I suppose it has something to do with my Energy Bleeding, although more research is necessary on the matter.
Energy Bleeding has already been noted to slowly but surely 'Corrupt' the surroundings of a protoss who suffers from such disease. Paranormal-like events tend to occur plenty of times a day, inanimate objects and plants gain conscience, etc. I accidentally broke my third mirror yesterday after getting out of the shower and jump scaring by what I thought to be a large, monstrous reptilian head, but was in fact just the mirror trying to warn me about the presence of a small frog sitting on top of the clothes I had separated to wear after cleansing myself.
Sadly, the mirror only stopped screaming from the pain of being shattered apart when I threw it at the nearby river. But then again, it could still be screaming, I just wouldn't know... Anyways. The tests with the ants have resulted in nothing as of yet, which is surprising. From the dozen colonies in my attic, the only to assume an anomalous behavior after a month of exposure to my energies was the one I may or may not have fed too much sugar. I still have plenty of research to do to see if they are either just resilient or full on immune to my condition, and if so, how I could use this knowledge to shield my surroundings, or perhaps even cure myself (Very unlikely).
Well, looks like the lawful-evil paladin finally arrived. I plan on writing again as soon as this RPG match is over, and this time, I'll focus on answering one of your most important questions, the one that covers the functionality of the Protoss society before the Zerg invasion.
From your loyal follower,
Dr. Cmmdr. Zerathur Naszberuk
(Hours later, Adeena found Zerathur sat down in his living room, drinking soda and having a debate with three gigantic flowers, each of them sat on a chair, about how unlikely it was for the Blind Beholder to notice them if they were to take path B instead of path A.)