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by on March 11, 2019
1st of all, the pacing of this anime is the slowest as fuck thing I've ever seen. And its 2nd worst flaw is how confusingly the show explains things. Just watch episode/movie 8 for these flaws in their purest form. Like 25 minutes of it is the main protagonist girl, Shiki, saying honestly nothing that can't be compressed to a tweet-length few sentences (She was born without a soul, but then her soulless body created a soul, and she created 2 opposite personalities in her, and her previous life is something call the spiral of origin and the origin of the spiral is nothingness. Shiki is the embodiment of nothingness (I hope I understood it properly)). That episode was fucking nothing beyond her explaining to her BF what she is while standing in the street in the show. And then she turned into nothing. The end
WTF is this writing?
And then the show just does random things with the story and never does anything with them again. Like in ep/movie 10, a cat gets introduced and then nothing happens with it anymore. In ep/movie 1, Shiki has this GET OVER HERE spirit grapple arm that she does only once ever in the show. That's the only time she ever uses magic aside from her death-seeing eyes. All other combat she ever does is fight with a knife or a sword. Her left arm is prosthetic and that fact only has any relevance in the show for 4 moments ever. Maybe the light novel goes more in depth with her arm, but I'm reviewing the anime only
It's a nice show. I still like it
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Liath Mac Medb
The pacing is meant to be slow to build mood and atmosphere and actually explains quite a bit if you pay enough attention. The writing is a bit weird, but it wasn't written by any of the people who usually do Type Moon stuff so there's probably some wires got crossed somewhere. The novels go much mo...View More
I still like it. The visuals are amazing, like every frame is worth showing off online. Not having chronological order made things confusing with no real benefit to it. I wish I chose chronological order instead. Maybe if I feel like it, I'll try the LNs
Also, 9 is the best episode. Prove me wrong
Liath Mac Medb
I liked 5 quite a bit. It's been awhile since I've watched them now I want to again.
Yes. 5 is the 2nd best episode ^.^