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by on March 14, 2019
(This is something that I wrote a while ago (Three days? What do you mean three days? Khas, it feels like an eternity), as a tribute to one of my most beloved friends, Queen Astria (Gingereale). We roleplayed for countless years, and even now that I don't RP anymore, we still talk quite regularly. She's the one who made nearly all the drawings of my characters, and I wanted to repay that, but as I don't draw, I decided to do so in a way that I'm more comfortable in. The narration that follows is... Cringy, a bit emotional at best, and could've been written way better by some other people I know, but I did my best, and hopefully, it was enough.)
"Name's Zerathur. Zerathur Naszberuk... And I'm here to talk with your queen." The voice of the protoss echoed in the seemingly empty cave where he stood. Instead of the normal white clothes or armor, he was wearing a long and loose grey suit, and his face wore no expression other than grief. After a couple of seconds, however, a group of heavily armored Changelings rushed in, wielding long spears, but none were pointed at the outsider.
"You are late..." Spoke the changeling queen that sat in the throne of the minor hive. Her chitin, like that of all other changelings, was nearly as dark as the night, but her eyes and mane were of a purple so vibrant that called attention just by their very existence. The throne room was humble, and held no arts or different architecture than the rest of the hive, despite being slightly more spacious than most of the other rooms, and that would draw even more attention towards the beautiful beast that sat in its middle. She slowly descended her throne and walked in the direction of the dark-colored stallion that had been brought in by the guards.
"I always had faith that you would grow into being the best within your kin, and here you are... Your mother would be proud of you, Spore." The protoss replied while slowly lowering the head to bow towards the changeling queen, action that was swiftly interrupted when she suddenly jumped forward and hugged him as tightly as she could. Her sudden move made him lose air and give a small step back, but soon he would throw one of the front hooves over her shoulders and hug her in response. "We missed you, uncle Ze..." Spore whispered on his ear before breaking off the hug, stepping back to look at the protoss on his dark clothes.
"She left us just a week before your letters reached us. She was already... Too old to carry on the burden of life, and passed away during her sleep." The queen would speak quickly while guiding Zerathur through the maze of tunnels that led to the deeper parts of the hive. The material of the walls began to change the deeper they went, and became solid rock after a couple of meters. Zerathur's head hanged low as they walked, just as his mood did during the last couple of days. "She said that she wanted to be buried near the tree where you two first met... We granted that wish, of course, but sadly you were not here to give her a last goodbye before... You know..."
"Here you go... Her room. There's not much left, and in fact, the only belonging of hers that wasn't buried along her was a gift she left for you when you returned if you ever did..." Spore mumbled while stepping aside, letting Zerathur into the old queen's living quarters. She did not follow him inside.
The room wasn't as spacious as the throne room, that's for sure, however, it did have a lot more decoration. The walls were smoothed and even etched with drawings at certain points. In the middle, against the wall, stood an imponent and rather huge bed with curtains, and in front of it, a pedestal with a small metal gift box on top. Zerathur slowly approached the gift box and sat down next to the pedestal, using his psionics to gently open the metal case.
His emotions screamed. He felt like beating the ground with the hooves so hard that his legs would break. He felt like screaming until he passed out, out of breath. He felt like jumping off the highest cliff in the world, with the hopes of dying before even hitting the ground. But he did none of these. He just stared in silence as big and round tears formed around his eyes, but never to fall, for in front of him was the cause and also the bane of his happiness. A small red flower that seemed to shine on its own light against the darkness of this world. A flower that he and Astria, the first queen of the Southern Hive, had planted together in what seemed to be a lifetime ago, now inside of a small dome where time seemed to've stopped in forgotten happier times.
Zerathur sniffed and used the left front hoof to slowly wipe away his tears. The worst part of the emotional distress had just passed, and he needed to keep going. For Astria. For Amanda. For everyone who came and passed... Because, if not him, who else would remember them and their great feats? Who else would remember their personalities, their perfect imperfections?
He carefully stored the dome with the flower inside of his backpack, carrying it as if it meant his very life, and it did. He bid a last farewell to Spore, the Changeling Queen, and started to make his way back home. Exhausted both emotionally and physically, but free to rest... At last.
Rainbow Chaser
Very touching
"That was some very quick reading." The protoss mumbled while raising the front hooves to clap in admiration.
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i read fast like 5 novels a week fast
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i really like it when something that seems trivial, like the flower at the end, can mean so much.
"Ponies tend to think that the simple things can only hold simple meanings... But the truth holds that anything and everything holds an immeasurable value, for nothing is alike, and everything is different, even if by small molecules."