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Ambient Waves
by on April 3, 2019
Dear Ambient,
Sorry for taking so long to reach you, the griffin empier has decided to start a slight scuffle against us again here. Also I don't think one could look more better with a scar or two until a week ago. Lets just say, it suits me and it seems many agree. Anyway back on track!
So, you're sister baffled everyone Midnight Story, was a interesting one.. As no one knew what to even do... Or how splinters were avoided.. That's a story for way, way, way down the line. Anyway, we couldn't really find out much.. Like sticks don't exactly have.. Anyway this is to spacific to continue... We shall pick it up another time whe. Ya visit Devka again hopefully. Also, I have to cut this short today anyway, but expect more messages from today onward.
From Queen Acallia.
Topics: backstory, devka