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by on April 9, 2019
I am opening 3 art request slots In my crayon brush style.
They will be flat color and only 1 pony per person.
To fill in:
* Character name:
* Reference link:
>this is a must, I cannot work with just text<
* Personality:
♦I might decline at any time due to whatever reason.
♦Please leave my watermark (name) on the drawing.
♦Do not upload to your deviantart page, I'd prefer uploading it myself on my own DA. (Apologies in advance)
♦By filling in the sheet you have given me permission to create art of your OC & allow me to upload it to my own Deviantart, etc (with credit to you for the oc of course)
Example of crayon brush style
I might not understand what you mean if you use difficult words
1. Finished
2. Finished
3. Awaiting reply
Topics: art, requests
Sound De Aviators
* Character name: Sound De Aviators * Reference link: * Personality: kind, sweet and friendly when it comes to his job and his friends and family. He loves music and playing gutar. He works in the lunar guard and is born a batpony and he has...View More
Script Anonymous Cone Lord Lord of all Cones
*Character name : Script Anonymous *Referance link : *Personality : Curious, and kind. He will many times sacrifice his own need to help another pony and constantly get hurt due to his craving for information. He is secretly a Changeling...View More
you have a file for his cutiemark? also, anything specific or can i just draw to my hearts content?
Script Anonymous Cone Lord Lord of all Cones
Draw away I’m fine with it, as for the’ve barely been able to get art of him and this is my only photo so it’s basically just paper surrounded by question marks
Autumn Blaze
* Character name: * Reference link: * Personality: Compassionate, gentle, and overemotional at times. He works as a barista in Ponyville, but knows nothing of himself further than a few years ago, when he first moved into town. He's quit...View More
Anything specific i should draw or can i just draw something myself?
Autumn Blaze
Ah, just whatever you want! As long as he is being a loving pony, that's all~
have fun with that!
Thanks Jacko, also nice to hear from you again buddy
no promblem...I woulda ask for the request but I don't have that good of a ref sheet for you
a clear picture would do tbh
oh than you could use my profile picture if you wanted
3 slots are curently ful but remind me once i finished those to make one for you
>Slots are filled<