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Crystal Summer
by on April 13, 2019
Crystal felt lost, she had been looking for weeks now for the perfect gift, and the day of her grandmothers birthday was comming closer with each passing day, the young mare had searched from Canterlot to the Crystal empire and back, to find the perfect gift for her beloved grandmother, though nothing seemed to catch her attention at all, the jewelry she had seen all seemed dull compared to usual, she had thought of gifting a perfect vacation, yet that also seemed like a overused cliche, no she had to find the perfect gift, something her grandmother would cherish with all her heart and that she would never forget.
When Crystal arrived back at the train station from her trip to the Crystal empire, she had her ears folded back a bit as she looked down at the ground while making her way to a familiar fashion boutique, surely Cerion would know a way to snap her out of her bad mood, he always knew just what to say or do if she or one of their dear friends needed some emotional support, the moment she opened the door she was greeted with a warm smile and a cup of hot herbal tea, he had been waiting for her apparently, typical for the stallion really, he was one of the few who could read her like an open book.
Cerion sat down on the sofa next to the young mare, he had noticed her slow yet clear change of mood over the past few weeks, she had gone from the happy and talkative young mare, to a silent and withdrawn version of herself, though since she remained stubborn as always she had refused to tell what caused this change of mood, Cerion had counted the possibilities of what could cause it, perhaps another conflict with a certain stallion that was eating away at her, or perhaps the blossoming romance she had was losing its magic, though if either of those two were the case, she would be much more withdrawn and would demand to be left alone, after going through a few more options there was one that stood out most and would definately cause the young mare to feel this lost.
Crystal her ears perked the moment Cerion spoke up ''Any gift from you would be the gift she will cherish among all the others, whether they give her jewelry or something much more expensive, your gift to her would shine above all else...'' he gave her a sideways glance before he sipped at his own tea, the powder blue mare gained a deep blush at those words, again he knew exactly what was bothering her, he always somehow knew, and though some would see it as predictable and perhaps even annoying, she was more then thankful for the fact he could see right through her, she always had trouble with expressing her emotions during difficult time, and he always managed to find out how to put them into the right words...always.
The young mare finally managed to give a sincere smile ''you always see right through me'' she sighed before she finally gave her emotions room to show ''i just do not know what to give her, she has given me so much and i can never repay her enough for that, without her i do not even wanna know where i would be right now, i would have maybe never gotten to know you guys at all, her birthday is only a few days away and i am absolutely lost on what to give her'' by the end of her words she felt her tears burning ever so slightly.
Cerion nodded with a faint smile ''i see where you are coming from, indeed without her your world...our worlds, would be much more grey, if it were not for the amazing work she has done many lives back home would be much darker, and yet she refuses every offer to thank her properly, nothing can really say just how much she means to some, especially to her own little phoenix..''
The powder blue mare sipped her tea, before she gave a faint smile '' she has given our generation so many possibilities....the support to start their lives outside the borders of home and to start anew in Equestria, i remember the day we left what she said to me, those few simple words...I'm Counting on You'' the memories of that day were still so fresh despite the fact it has been quite some years now since then, both took a moment of silence to think about that day, after seconds had passed both sat up straight and looked at each other, those few words continued to repeat themselves in their mind, Cerion grinned as he put down his cup ''Tell me my little well do you remember your piano lessons?'' Crystal gave a knowing smile before she replied ''i practice daily if i can..'' she spoke reassuringly, and without even needing to say another word, they both knew what the gift would be, a gift from the heart.
When the day of Jenna summer her birthday had finally arrived, both Cerion and Crystal had memorized everything, and having had a look at the venue they knew exactly how everything would play out, Cerion had made a fitting dress for the occasion, and a suit for himself to match, and with a few extra requests for the ones who decorated the venue for the occasion, they had the perfect scene for their gift, all they had to do now was wait for the right moment to give their gift for Jenna.
They both waited for the moment that Jenna had finished unwrapping and accepting the final gift she received from one of her dear friends, both Cerion and Crystal had taken their spot on the steps that led to the open balcony, Crystal behind the piano and Cerion not too far from her holding his violin, he cleared his throat gaining the attention of the guests but most importantly Jenna herself before he spoke up '' Jenna Summer, my dear friend it was not easy to find you a gift for this wonderful occasion, both me but especially our dear little phoenix over here, feared we would fail to find anything that could even describe in the slightest how dear you are to us, and after discussing just how much you have done for us, how much support you have given us with just a few words before we left, we decided to give you a gift that can not be wrapped with paper and ribbons, but decided to make it a gift from the heart.....''
As soon as Cerion had finished speaking, he lifted his violin and started to play, a slow but familiar melody, singing the first verse of the song, Cerion kept his eyes on Jenna, before he focused his attention on Crystal as she started her verse, as the song continued the two exchanged occasional glances as support, their voices in complete harmony.
The moment the song ended, both looked towards Jenna with a gentle smile, the elderly mare had covered her mouth and closed her eyes, enjoying every note and second of the song she loved so much, tears traced down her cheeks as she opened her eyes looking up at them, seeing their smiles she stood up from her chair and made her way towards them, after giving Cerion a hug he lowered his head slightly as she placed a almost motherly kiss on his forehead.
Crystal smiled at the scene, seeing her grandmother this happy truly made every second they put into this more then worth it, she looked up as her grandmother stood before her, snapping her out of her thoughts, the powder blue mare stood up slowly and was instantly wrapped into a tight but loving embrace, placing her arms around the elderly mare she nuzzled slightly into her grandmother's shoulder.
Jenna smiled and gave her granddaughter a loving kiss on each cheek. ''that was the best gift i have received all night my little phoenix, nothing can compare to the love i felt coming from this, i shall certainly never forget about this beautiful gift'' the elderly mare said before once more pulling her granddaughter into a loving embrace.
Cerion smiled at the scene, before he looked at the rest of the guest, clearly the scene in front of them had reached them just as deep as he noticed how a few of them were trying to hide the evidence of their tears, even their own dear friends were caught in this act, he would remember that for later use, though right now this seemed to be a perfect end for the perfect gift, the rest of the night grandmother and granddaughter spend most of their time together bringing up memories of old times, it truly was a perfect evening.
(the song to go with this story, is one of my personal favorites: Celtic Woman & Chris de Burgh - I'm Counting on You)
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