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by on August 5, 2019
I started as nothing but a thought. And from that thought, I emerged into the darkness of existence. I came as a shining light in the middle of many others, which dimmed upon my arrival. Father called me of Hope, and I was soon introduced to the other lights. Despair, Justice, Knowledge, Love... And Life, my mother. Back there, there is no such thing as time, so I can't say when the Agreement occurred.
But it did. Darkness came out of the void, but it had a shape and was not affected by our presence. It promised to teach us to make a new place of our own. A place where we could be something instead of energy floating in the nothingness. But only if we gave it something in return. Lady Death chose me as her prize, and we accepted. Four of us would travel to places created by other gods before us and live within, hidden inside the form of one of their creations.
Our task was to learn how to control what we were until we deemed ourselves ready to make our universes. Despair was tasked to turn hopeful individuals into her ways; Justice had to bring law and order to civilizations where no such concepts ever existed; Knowledge was told to enlighten dark ages, but failed on his duty and gave up just after the first incarnation. I was given the task of learning from the Others through their creations and manipulate them as little as possible.
I stared down at the corpse that laid motionless in the grass. "I didn't do so well." I said before getting up and away from it, breaking the energies that bonded us together. I looked up at the ever-present Lady Death and her large smile. "But you didn't do as bad as the last time." Said the mare, her white coat and grey mane/tail shining under the sun. She sat down and laid next to the body of Zerathur Naszberuk.
I stared into her warm hazel eyes and went to sit down next to her. "Indeed... But I wasn't given much of a chance, now was I? Energy bleeding isn't the best of conditions, even now I still feel all over the place, and my mind still lives in random objects and creatures from Aiur to the Frozen North." I spoke, raising my brow and giving her side a poke. She chuckled and rolled away from my reach. "I needed to balance it out, don't blame me!~ Come on, time to visit the memories of this past life." And with that, she got up and pulled my front hoof, forcing it to touch the unmoving head of the protoss.
And so I watched every step taken, heard all words spoken and felt each and all of which I once felt in that body. But this time, Lady Death was there, watching everything from the corner of my eyes. Once we were done, we returned to the field where Zerathur's corpse rested and laid down nearby. "So, you're ready to join us yet?..." Asked Death, who climbed my back and started to mess with my mane. After moments of silence, I finally gathered words to say. "I'll miss Tink, Abby, Adeena... Do you think that someday I can meet them again?"
Death sighed and pulled on my mane a bit too hard. "No. They're not one of us and are out of my jurisdiction. If only their gods let them go, then perhaps, but the others are not so keen on letting the creations they've worked so hard on... Be transferred to someone else, you know?" She responded, and so I lowered my head. It wasn't the response that I'd like, but it was the one I expected. "I'm not ready."
I felt her jump from my back and land on the grass. She came around and looked into my eyes. "You're dead (Funny choice of words) serious. If it is your wish, then you shall take on another life. Once it is done, I'll come to ask you again, but I want you to join me soon... As promised." She reached out and kissed my cheek. "We'll see each other soon, Hope, Life's chosen~" And with that, I was left alone in the middle of the green field. I stayed there for a couple of seconds before being pulled away from this dimension to a somewhat similar one, dragged into the life of someone else. Someone like who I was before, but who would turn to be much different in heart and mind.
My name is Zerathur Naszberuk. A couple of years ago, my homeland was overrun by creatures that came out of nightmares, and now I live in a house near Ponyville, Equestria. I was caught outside when the Nova Antioch reactors exploded during Aiur's Fall. The blast was strong enough to deafen my ears and throw me many meters away, and I still carry on my back and left side the scars of my rough landing. Never again have I heard the sound of the breeze and the melodies of my piano, but I don't let that get me down... I haven't come this far to let anything bring me down.
tl;dr Now my story follows an alternative universe with a deaf Zerathur. Enjoy. Also, sorry for all of those (If any at all) who try to read the long version. I kind of need to edit it later (You'll understand why), but am currently on a bit of a hurry. ;3;
Updated!~ It sure took me a while longer than I thought it would. ;3; As always, I apologize for any grammatical errors found within the text. I always try my best, but it's quite hard to catch 'em all.