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Snow Storm
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Black Parade
Well I'm generic as heck and I'd have to say my favorite monster is a vampire uwu They're just pretty badass and they sleep in the day time which I can relate to. Plus they usually are super strong.
Tbh I'm bad at words so this is lame .3.
Adrian Coalhopper
When it comes to fear and mystery, there are few things that compare to our well known cryptids. One that really spooks me is the Dover Demon, sighted many times in Dover, Massachusetts. What freaks me out about it are not only all the believable first hand encounters, but how they describe the beast and the precarious nature of its movements. It also looks like an alien apparently and that's spooky.
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Basalt Alltrades
My favorite is vampires, but certainly not the Dracula or Twilight kinds, I'm talking Vampire: The Masquerade Vampires.
While this flavor of vampire retains the dependency on blood and aversion to sunlight, which were great horror cornerstones back when humanity was more day-oriented and blood was considered more of a person's life force and less the stuff that feeds our cells, it builds further with different clans and bloodlines of having different powers and attributes. For instance, the Nosferatu are mostly ugly as sin and quite a few live in sewers and underground tunnels, but their clan powers mostly center around animalism, potence, and obfuscate, which means that they have varying degrees of power of animals (most notably rats for them), superhuman strength, and the ability to hide or create illusions. And that's just 1 major clan out of what I think are the 10 major clans, with, of course, subfactions here of there, but that's not important.
Where this flavor of vampire shines for me is it is all about the age of the vampires in relation to their power and about how they keep The Masquerade to prevent the Kine (mortals) from being aware of their existence while the different vampires all basically screw with each other to gather more power while stripping the other clans of their power. The older a vampire, the more powerful it is, obviously, but it turns into a giant interesting mess of Methuselahs (the most oldest vampires) influencing younger vampires without them really knowing about it who in turn control or influence even younger vampires or Kine minions or supplies and it just branches out into a giant web of utter shenanigans where all your actions are made up and your individual goals don't matter because you might be being influenced by an older vampire to accomplish their goals without even knowing it.
They had an interesting TCG that used 2 decks and a multitude of actions utilizing political actions and straight-up combat to bleed your opposing Methuselahs little by little to beat everyone else out a little after I was born and I've never got to actually play it... :c
Also, Twilight-brand(tm) vampires make me butthurt.
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
((It's kinda hard for me to choose! I love so many monsters! But, of course, I'm going to have to go with the obvious! Werewolves are so freaking cool to me because I've always loved sharp teeth and claws and such! I don't know why, but the thought of becoming a horrible unstoppable beast on a full moon is so cool to me! Especially because during a full moon, I go super crazy(er)! Anyway, everyone probably already knew what my favorite was going to be.))
werewolves/vampires it’s a tie, there’s shows about them that keep me busy but I always loved seeing the Van Helsing movie around this time of year for obvious reasons, always loved the moon and stories about werewolves and vampires.. I saw some documentaires that make me believe it’s real even If it’s just a myth, the thought of being able to transform like that is Cool imo minus the bloodsucking and killing
Littchie Von Bleed
Opfh well seeing my fear of the unknown and darkness the creature that spooks me the most is Vashta Nerada from doctor who. The idea of a creature that hangs around in shadows with no real way of knowing they are there and nothing you can do if they are freaks me out. Because the moment you enter the dark your already dead.
Dragon Breath
I don't really have favorites. I am so OCD that I can't choose anything. I can't make up my mind and choose just one! But here are a few I have heard of that seem cool:
The Wendigo: It was said to be a spirit of sorts that possess people and makes them cannibalistic. I thought this was cool because it would make sense of why someone is stupid enough to eat a person if they are not starving. Source:
Bray Road Beast: Also known as a werewolf to people in Wisconsin. This is cool because I really like the idea of a real werewolf! I am a believer. So if something could possibly be real then.. YAY!!! Source:
El Chupacabra: chupar meaning “to suck” and cabra meaning “goat". Very weird name haha but catchy! I think this is the most realistic you could get to a werewolf. I mean it could be a normal dog with a rabies mutation. Or it could be an actual werewolf just in more of a dog form than human. Hahaha or it could be a hairy vampire that stayed out in the sun too long and shrunk to dog like figure XP kidding of course! Source:
Loch Ness Monster: Pretty much it is a Brachiosaurus or other long neck dinosaurs in the Sauropods group but with flippers instead of legs. This makes it more like a Plesiosauria or Elasmosaurus. If this sighting was really of a dinosaur at about A . D . 500 to 1500....then...was it real? I mean no one studied dinosaurs back then right (1784-1856)? Makes people wonder. Source:
Other Legends and myths:
Snow Storm
I could not chose anything over dragons. The classic medieval beasts - the terrifying monsters of myth.
In nearly every law, dragons are recalled as most powerful and cunning. Insanely strong and dangerous, ever seeing one in person would likely end in your demise. Maybe.
Desert Thorn
My favorite monster is humanity itself. How dreadful we are! Wonderful too, yet as with everything there is the less than pleasant side. We all have that darkness that we carry deep within ourselves. Some of us choose to lock the cage that contains the beast while others let it prowl freely, whether by choice or by instinct. Thus my obsession with post-apocalyptic settings. What becomes of humanity when pushed to breaking point?
All this being said, I do believe in the light of humanity! I believe people naturally want to help others and I will never give up my hope in others. It's a vicious cycle of picking up the pieces and being broken again where people stop believing in others and become part of the problem itself.
p.s. Also why Bastille is one of my favorite bands. A lot of their songs address darker themes.
Amp told me to post this:
The concept of a favourite anything is flawed. It ignores the context of uncountable qualifiers, and any time someone professes a 'favourite', it's subjective and temporary. That said, I understand the purpose of the question and I am able to answer it's implicit form.
My 'favourite' monster, under the colloquial definitions of both words, is a homunculus. Small constructs of various tissues, and sometimes non-living components, given a semblance of life through some hybridization of binding rituals and stem cell cultivation.
I've been practicing with some recipes, and those that last more than a few minutes are useful. The binding ritual ensures total obedience, which is more than I can say of any so-called 'friend', or employee.
Looking at you, Wolfram.
Maizzey Starr
SO im no big video game or horror movie watcher to honestly have a lot of monsters in my mind. so this was a bit of a toughie.
i'm going to go with ... wendigos, as they are portrayed in the show. i haven't looked into their origins or other portrayals, but it was the first time i'd ever heard of them in the hearths warming eve episode. thought the idea of these odd little ice horses that use hate to bring forth blizzards was kind of cool! as a bonus, they're pretty easy to disspell as well; which is really a good thing when it comes to any kind of monster.
While I’m not big into mythical creatures, monsters and the like despite a high appreciation for Halloween, I do have a mild interest in ghouls. They are different than ghosts in that they are considered significantly more malicious, feeding off of corpses and robbing graves.
Pros of ghouls:
• Adds excitement to your life if you live near a cemetery
• Plenty of bad horror movies with ghouls to watch
• Paralyzing saliva
Little green ghouls, buddy
• Living in constant fear isn’t everyone’s thing
• Not very much good ghoul media
• Having face eaten
• Stench
Rart Police
My favorite monster is probably Guy Fieri, not only because of his strong anime fighting stance, but because he wears sunglasses on the back of his head. Who does that? Surely, if you ever dress as Guy Fieri or hang up posters with this dreadful creature plastered over the front, you'll scare the souls out of your first born son and he will never be the same again.
Of all the possible monsters to choose, my favorite is Frankenstein's monster since even though it is illustrated as hideous and appalling, it attempts to assimilate into human society. Its spooks tend to be unintentional as it simply tries to perform normal activities, a phenomenon that reminds me of my personal life.
"Twitcher" from deadspace of couse that was my favorite because it looking fleshly weirdness they twitching a lot that making me scare and like it both and yeah they moving very fast in game surprising me alot because It was my first concept of my frozenfeather charactor to be scary like it without any paranormal activity spook lastly fleshly feel from gut and blood is refreshing and joyful :3 forgot to summit my drawing but NVM I didnt know where to put it first XD.
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