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Ponies of Pony Town

 Public Group - Sports - 100 Members
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For all thee ponies of pony town, I here by give you a place to strut your stuff here on C.A., and find others who'm enjoy playing on P.T as well.
Radiant Dawn
I pop on from time to time and wander around a little. Don't really have many friends on there.
Pinke Pie
I don't have a pic of my pony yet, and my darn school blocked Pony Town. Jerks.
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Chow Chow
shared a photo
I'm about to go online and go on the island in Pony Town but have an image of me sleeping for now.
and im also known as social anxiety hide
Gillycynder Gillywolf
Hello there, so this is me when I'm online, also I'm always up to chatting, and roleplaying ^^
Sean Silvermane
Welcome to our little family. Hope you'll enjoy yourself. If you need anything, just ask.
Levi Athan
It is I, Levi Athen! put the name together and you will see why I named him that.
Phantom Mane
This is me, Phantom Mane! I'm always down to chat!
If you see me say hello! ^^
Red Velvet
ello ^^
Ember Ribbon
heyo. If ya see me online, say hello!
He has a cape? O:
When i'm on, ill look like this
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