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My Little Minecraft
39 members Sports
A group for all those that play Minecraft. Whether it be Java, Bedrock, mobile or whatever edition you play, all are welcome here. Discord: [b]Rules:[/i] 1) Be respectful. No bashing other players for the version they play, building skills, etc. 2) If you've nothing nice to say, then don't say it. Helpful criticism is always welcomed, but you don't have to be a dick about it. 3) Try to have fun. That's what this group and game is all about!
Aurora Sparkle
/mlp/ 4chan cup fan group
6 members Sports
This group is for the discussion of the 4CC (4chan cup) and the /mlp/ and /mlpol/ teams respectively. All memes are allowed, however shilling is strictly forbidden. All players, and ex players may be talked about here, (besides the obvious hi anon. we all know whats wrong with her.) off topic discussion is requested to be moved off this group.
Boa Blueberriez
Them's Fightin' Herds
21 members Sports
this only for brony/people like or fan of the game Them's Fightin' Herds share fan-art or show picture of the gameplay.and also want to play with someone. get the game on steam
Amethyst the Hippogriff
SciSet Shipping Bible
6 members Sports
I’ve decided to compile a SciSet Shipper Bible if you aren’t shipping Twilight and Sunset by the time you’re done reading this I’ve done my job wrong.
Sun Shimmy
Air Lightning Rush
14 members Sports
You like ponies? You also like ponies having romantic feelings for each other? Well, then this is the group for you!
Air Lightning Rush
Babymoon the blind pegasus
Ponies of Pony Town
101 members Sports
For all thee ponies of pony town, I here by give you a place to strut your stuff here on C.A., and find others who'm enjoy playing on P.T as well.
Acoustic Pulse
Beautiful Ponies Of Canterlot Avenue
103 members Sports
A fine place for beautiful ponies to gather around, mingle, and stay beautiful. If you think you’re beautiful, then join. If you’re a pile of shit then you’re the most beautiful pile of shit.
WonderBolts & Fans
31 members Sports
-Hello! Just a random grouping for any type of Bolt or fan. I really enjoy em all! And you can too! So join If you'd ever like,Cause why not? Bolt ponies are wicked cool~! Yes,Feel free to start up anything that has to do with them,Jokes. Whatever you like,As just as we're honored and nice to have these ponies around In our Equestrian History,Without them not much things would be possible. Sooo ya! Stay up on your hooves and keep fans alive dear friends! --Side note. More things will be added when thought,Give out ideas if any occur as you please,Anyone here can join the fan club,I mean I can't be the only one right? ^^
Rainbow Dash
Air Lightning Rush