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Pan's artpage
✿** This page is a do-over from my old page **✿
Please refrain from shitposting, posting meme's etc on the threads of this page, not listening will get you blocked and removed from the page.
I get stressed out from this and it kills my motivation. Please respect this, thank you.
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What will you find here?
★ - Art of any of my OC's i have created
★ - Art of someone else's oc I've created
★ - Raffles
★ - Character give-aways
☆ Rules ☆
- Please do not shitpost, post meme's and so on on the threads, keep it happy for both sides, If you think posting pics is funny to make a meme out of my oc's, you'll have your comments removed and i might block you from my page.
- Please leave the watermark on my art
- Give credit where it's due, prefered with a link.
- Please be so kind to not use art that isn't yours, the oc's that are mine, stay mine.
- Anything I see as rude or inappropiate will be deleted off of my posts, please deal with that.
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▼ Please check out my (full)Terms of Service
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