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Nessa's Art Page!!
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Hello, it's Nessa! Welcome to my art page, which is just a place where I dump my art. Not all of it is pony related, and I'm not sure if I could take any requests right now, but I will keep you notified on it!
Fable Daydreams
Merimutt's Art & Adopt Shop
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All my commission information can be found on this website, including base prices, examples and my TOS: If you don't see a specific thing you want listed, please message me and I'll try to accommodate you! I only take paypal for payment (unless otherwise specified), thank you ^-^ If you're interested in adopts, here is my adopt TOS: If you'd like to follow me on other social medias, I can be found at: DA: TH: FA: (I post things aside from ponies on these sites!)
Acry Weaver
Gen Tonic
Heat Wave
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Bron3 Music Page
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This a page that still needs to grow, but if you follow, it'll help, Bron3 Music Page is a page that will upload music to YouTube and we'll ask for permission to upload your Music on YouTube with a layout i'll create. This is Bron3 Music. A pick off of Brony Musicians.
DJ Bron3
Fable Daydreams
Randy Thiede
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Hello and welcome to my page! I am a digital artist from Canada whom mainly focuses around drawing MLP canon and original characters. I am also the type of artist who draws a large varity of different things including feral and anthro characters, sfw, and other content which cannot be posted here. I take types of artwork transactions including commissions, art trades, collabs and gifts [but for close friends only]. If you have any questions or concerns, message me directly. Thank you for reading!!
Gen Tonic
Pan's art page
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✿** This page is a do-over from my old page **✿ Please refrain from shitposting, posting meme's etc on the threads of this page, not listening will get you blocked and removed from the page. I get stressed out from this and it kills my motivation. Please respect this, thank you. »»————-  ————-«« ★ - Art of any of my OC's i have created ★ - Art of someone else's oc I've created ★ - Raffles ★ - Character give-aways ° Commissions ° are currently closed, i don't have enough time on my hands for this. ° Requests ° are.. only open when I make a thread about it. ° Art trades:° Open but prefer to do this with friends not strangers - Please do not shitpost, post meme's and so on on the threads, keep it happy for both sides, If you think posting pics is funny to make a meme out of my oc's, you'll have your comments removed and i might block you from my page. - Please leave the watermark on my art - Give credit where it's due, prefered with a link. - Please be so kind to not use art that isn't yours, the oc's that are mine, stay mine. - Anything I see as rude or inappropiate will be deleted off of my posts, please deal with that. »»————-  ————-«« To request an image you need to use my chatroom "Pandora's request box" Rules are simple: - Do not take off my watermark on the art I made for you. - Send in a reference of your OC > No text - I can decline your request anytime, since this something I offer for free. - I only do requests when slots are open Pandora's request box Password: Pandastyle Slots open 1 - I'm sorry in advance if you feel like i've ever wronged you for something i saw as rude/hurtful on my threads on my previous page. I'm a work in progress too but i can't change if there's no chances given to change let alone the help so please understand whatever it is, I did not mean to. »»————-  ————-««
Acry Weaver