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Pan's request page
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[br] You can place your art requests here by reading through the rules first and filling in my sheet [br] 1. Do not take off my watermark. 2. Do not disrespect me 3. Have patience, I work 2 jobs. 4. I may decline whenever i want 5. Fill in the Request sheet 6. If we have bad blood then I will not draw for you. 7. To make sure you read the rules post "SHINee" in your comment aswell. ♥ Send me a wall comment here * Character name: * Reference link: * Personality: * Suggested pose and expresion: * Background: * Other: (anything else I need to know? Regarding scars or other traits) There is a chance i might not draw so well with fullbody's as im very used to headshots
Acry Weaver
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Hello and welcome to my page! I am a digital artist from Canada whom mainly focuses around drawing MLP canon and original characters. I am also the type of artist who draws a large varity of different things including feral and anthro characters, sfw, and other content which cannot be posted here. I take types of artwork transactions including commissions, art trades, collabs and gifts [but for close friends only]. If you have any questions or concerns, message me directly. Thank you for reading!!
Gen Tonic
Pan's art page
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✿** This page is a do-over from my old page **✿ Please refrain from shitposting, posting meme's etc on the threads of this page, not listening will get you blocked and removed from the page. I get stressed out from this and it kills my motivation. Please respect this, thank you. »»————-  ————-«« ★ - Art of any of my OC's i have created ★ - Art of someone else's oc I've created ★ - Raffles ★ - Character give-aways ° Commissions ° are currently closed, i don't have enough time on my hands for this. ° Requests ° are.. only open when I make a thread about it. ° Art trades:° Open but prefer to do this with friends not strangers - Please do not shitpost, post meme's and so on on the threads, keep it happy for both sides, If you think posting pics is funny to make a meme out of my oc's, you'll have your comments removed and i might block you from my page. - Please leave the watermark on my art - Give credit where it's due, prefered with a link. - Please be so kind to not use art that isn't yours, the oc's that are mine, stay mine. - Anything I see as rude or inappropiate will be deleted off of my posts, please deal with that. »»————-  ————-«« To request an image you need to use my chatroom "Pandora's request box" Rules are simple: - Do not take off my watermark on the art I made for you. - Send in a reference of your OC > No text - I can decline your request anytime, since this something I offer for free. - I only do requests when slots are open Pandora's request box Password: Pandastyle Slots open 1 - I'm sorry in advance if you feel like i've ever wronged you for something i saw as rude/hurtful on my threads on my previous page. I'm a work in progress too but i can't change if there's no chances given to change let alone the help so please understand whatever it is, I did not mean to. »»————-  ————-««
Acry Weaver
Alex The son of Vinyl Scratch
Svarlet Batfire Draws
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Thank you for having interest in this page! Feel free to cheack out my YouTube Channel: By joining "Svarlet Batfire Draws" we expect you to follow the rules. The admins’ obligation is to keep the page a friendly community for everyone. I have mostly made this page so I can show off my art. It's a page for my art. Although I will not be posting art of my own OCs that I draw here. I will only be posting art of others' OCs I have done. I will also be opening for commissions and maybe doing occasional free art. I may also have updates about speedpaints I am working on. I want to see my page get bigger. I would love for people to share it around for me. This is mostly for me posting my pictures. But feel free to leave comments. I may open it up for others but for now I need an organizing system for myself personally. It is also just for me right now because I need the money. But as soon as I move I may open it up to the public. So feel free to help out and stay tuned!^^ Also if you have any questions or suggestions for me that is always welcome. Just remember the rules. Page Rules!! 1. No bullying. 2. No stealing art or OC's. 3. Respect your admins and members. 4. Don't copy, recolor, or steel art from me or other people. You'll get a strike and automatically get put onto a blacklist. 5. In the case of a fight starting report to Admin. 6.CREDIT ALL ART AND ALL BASES! 7. Don't tell or boss around admins. 8. If u get 3 strikes you'll be removed from the page. 9. AND MOST OF ALL HAVE A LOT OF FUN!! 10. Don't block Admins. Profile Photo: Svarlet Batfire and her pet Spoof by AnnaLizMec Cover Photo: By me (Svarlet head by Lunar Aurora)
Svarlet Batfire
Flower's Art of Trash
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Welcome! I'm Flower and this is my home of trash art that I've done. I mostly do Traditonial Art. I will edit this alot so here is the basic things for now....
Bright Brave
Smol Flower
Corrupts Art Banaza
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A place for me to make my awful art and letting everyone take a look at it. Your welcome to request anything you wanna see on the page.
Astral Blade
Bright Brave
Broken Fate