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Talon Brush's CA Portfolio.
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Greetings every creature of Canterlot Avenue welcome to my portfolio page where I post up all the designs I make for events, badges, and more for CA since posting those things on my professional portfolio in another world would not be fitting haha. I will also include a link to my human world portfolio as well.
Talon Brush
Batfire Productions: Commissions, Adopts and Related
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Batfire Productions is the name of my project and business as a whole. This includes Fireverse and Spoof's Hollow in all its glory. Even though Batfire Productions takes care of the business side of my project, a payment called "Fireverse Pony Tickets" is given out when purchasing anything Batfire Productions related. They can then be used when buying anything Batfire Productions related, to serve as a discount of sorts. Whether you are looking for new characters or browsing for art commissions, Batfire Productions has you covered for a wide range of everything creative! Not an artist or don't know the terms an artist uses? We have a section specifically dedicated to those needs. Reviews, FAQ, ToS, Blacklist, etc. Everything you need to be prepared for our services is all in one place. You can also tune in for raffles/giveaways, events, games, and other fun activities that may occur! For Batfire Productions related info please check here:
Svarlet Batfire and Spoof
Frost Bite the Guardian
Polo Fastter
KitlingArts Art Studio
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Here you will be able to find all information regarding my TOS, Pricing, on-going queue, as well as active galleries. Please note that only commissions obtained through CA will be posted here. Any other art will otherwise be posted in my respective galleries. ========================================== - Semi-Open (Limited slots) - I'll post when I'm accepting them. - Never - Request Only ========================================== DeviantART: FurAffinity (18+ Warning): ========================================== : ========================================== : Posted Soon ========================================== : Posted Soon
TeddyBears Commissions
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Uh Hello! So I draw mlp babs so I've decided to open commissions on here! Informational Rules: -Everything will be Via PayPal please! -Everything will be coloured and shaded! -You are to refrain from Copying tracing editing selling adopting posting my art claiming it etc.! Headshots are 6$ via paypal! [Price can change due to complexity of your character!] Halfbodies are 9$ via paypal! [Price can change due to complexity of your character!] Fulbodies are 12$ via paypal [Price can change due to complexity of your character!] Customs are 14$ via paypal! [The customs come with a Refrence sheet and 1 Price of extra art!] My adopts are usually in the 5-10$ Price range!
Teddy's Art Page
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Hello! Welcome to my art page! I'll be posting my art here and whatnot. I also take requests! Feel free to message me if you have anything you would like me to draw!
°˖✧ Deerie Doodles ✧˖°
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This is the place where I drop my doodles. Commenting is nice though not necessary. I'm not always open to constructive criticism so please ask before hand. This is a very old re-do of my old page but please behave. I've had a bad experience with this. Simple sketch request (1 oc only, preferably pony) Custom character design (free) Please keep in mind that I will only work for you if we are on good terms. Edit my works. (This includes removing my watermark) Use my works without my permission, counts mostly towards works of my own OC's. (Unless I have already granted you permission/ drawn your OC) Be unkind, I will delete your comment or report it. Post meme's on my art, it's very disturbing and immature. Please create your own feed for that. [quote]
Asteria Bleu