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Talon Brush's CA Portfolio.
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Greetings every creature of Canterlot Avenue welcome to my portfolio page where I post up all the designs I make for events, badges, and more for CA since posting those things on my professional portfolio in another world would not be fitting haha. I will also include a link to my human world portfolio as well.
Talon Brush
Wrenched Fates - Closing Act
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This is a closed RP between myself (Aliona) and Gray (Oni), with likelihood of Carmine making an appearance. There may be a moment for audience reactions to a later scene, though! Please stay tuned!~ (The photo is a placeholder until I get the chance to Photoshop lol)
Caramella Seashell
Carmen Gumshoe
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Attack on Mango Social Media Page
Hey fans! Welcome to the official social media page of Attack on Mango! We use this page to post exclusive offers, reminders, and behind the scenes stuff you won't find anywhere else! Thanks for all your support! See you at the next show! //This is a meta, roleplay social media page. It's meant to act like a social media page, and I encourage you to treat it as one. I don't plan on using this TOO often, so it doesn't spam the main feed.
Asuka Yakushi
Bryce (Awesome) Shades
Ask Fireverse
A place where you can ask anything about me, my project, or Fireverse itself. Fireverse is a specific multiverse in which Svarlet and other characters in my books reside. Each character has a story to tell, and I sure as heck love to tell them. Allow me to take you down deep into the dark abyss that is Fireverse, one of the sides of Batfire Productions.
Svarlet Batfire and Spoof
Spoof's Hollow: Creative Dump
Spoof's Hollow is one side of Batfire Productions. This is leaning more towards the creative side of the project, though some of it does include personal endeavors. Spoof's Hollow is a place for all the creative things I have to post. This includes: Art/Animation, Music, Books, Streaming, etc. This is however not a place where I post for others. This is strictly for Fireverse/Batfire Producions and its related content or for myself.
Svarlet Batfire and Spoof
Batfire Productions: Commissions, Adopts and Related
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Batfire Productions is the name of my project and business as a whole. This includes Fireverse and Spoof's Hollow in all its glory. Even though Batfire Productions takes care of the business side of my project, a payment called "Fireverse Pony Tickets" is given out when purchasing anything Batfire Productions related. They can then be used when buying anything Batfire Productions related, to serve as a discount of sorts. Whether you are looking for new characters or browsing for art commissions, Batfire Productions has you covered for a wide range of everything creative! Not an artist or don't know the terms an artist uses? We have a section specifically dedicated to those needs. Reviews, FAQ, ToS, Blacklist, etc. Everything you need to be prepared for our services is all in one place. You can also tune in for raffles/giveaways, events, games, and other fun activities that may occur! For Batfire Productions related info please check here:
Svarlet Batfire and Spoof
Frost Bite the Guardian
Polo Fastter
KitlingArts Art Studio
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Here you will be able to find all information regarding my TOS, Pricing, on-going queue, as well as active galleries. Please note that only commissions obtained through CA will be posted here. Any other art will otherwise be posted in my respective galleries. ========================================== - Semi-Open (Limited slots) - I'll post when I'm accepting them. - Never - Request Only ========================================== DeviantART: FurAffinity (18+ Warning): ========================================== : ========================================== : Posted Soon ========================================== : Posted Soon