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Solar Doodles
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Update. I made a website for art stuff as well! Hello! This is the offical art page of Solar's Writer, Saphy. Here you will find : - commissions - adopts - auctions - her own arts Included as well; Facebook page link Business Instagram Derpibooru Deviantart business email and Art Twitter to get write a post and I will send them as soon as possible!
Acaiá Latté
Bird Song
Chimie Changa
Nessa's Art Page!!
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Hello, it's Nessa! Welcome to my art page, which is just a place where I dump my art. Not all of it is pony related, and I'm not sure if I could take any requests right now, but I will keep you notified on it!
Fable Daydreams
Merimutt's Art & Adopt Shop
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All my commission information can be found on this website, including base prices, examples and my TOS: If you don't see a specific thing you want listed, please message me and I'll try to accommodate you! I only take paypal for payment (unless otherwise specified), thank you ^-^ If you're interested in adopts, here is my adopt TOS: If you'd like to follow me on other social medias, I can be found at: DA: TH: FA: (I post things aside from ponies on these sites!)
Acry Weaver
Gen Tonic
Heat Wave
Plush Blush
Ask Kitsunegami Eiko Emi Aki-Chan!
FINALLY!!!!!!!! Hi, everybody! I've finally made an ask page! Sure, there's a lot of them...BUT, HEY! I FINALLY HAVE ONE!!!!!!! You guys can ask me all the questions you want here! And don't be shy!!!!! The only rules I've got are...Actually pretty straightforward(not that there NEED to be...); -Just be kind and respectful to each other! And, to me, of course! If I don't respond, just wait and I'll do my best! -Join Aki's cult! -Disregard the second rule! -Partially regard the second rule! -Disregard all rules after the first one! (Admin's Note; Hey, everyone. Just a head's up from Aki's admin, here. The only rule to note is the first one. Aki doesn't wanna start a cult...) -Disregard the Admin's Note above! (...Not helping, Aki...)
Butterscotch Ormand
Eιƙσ Aƙι
Bron3 Music Page
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This a page that still needs to grow, but if you follow, it'll help, Bron3 Music Page is a page that will upload music to YouTube and we'll ask for permission to upload your Music on YouTube with a layout i'll create. This is Bron3 Music. A pick off of Brony Musicians.
DJ Bron3
Fable Daydreams
Official Rayowen MK
Provoking Serious Thought with Silver
A page for me, Silver (and others) to post serious, thought-provoking questions, and challenge ourselves and others to question the world around them. There is only one rule (which is already a site rule, but it's the most important rule on this page): 1. Be Civil. Insulting and disrespecting others is a terrible way to encourage free thought. THAT SAID, disagreeing with somebody's opinion (or even facts, if you have evidence to put forward) in a civil manner does not constitute disrespect or 'being offensive'. If you feel that it does, you don't belong on this page. While political discussion is probably inevitable at some point, this is not the place to bring your political opinions outright. Please do not post controversial opinions or 'facts' on this page purely to get a reaction out of people who disagree. I will do my best to keep this page free of that kind of thing. Really this page can be summed up with one phrase: Debate with each other, don't argue or fight. If you feel your temper rising, unsubscribe from the discussion. This is a place for cool heads.
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