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°˖✧ Deerie Doodles ✧˖°
This is the place where I drop my doodles.
Commenting is nice though not necessary. I'm not always open to constructive criticism so please ask before hand.
This is a very old re-do of my old page but please behave. I've had a bad experience with this.
Open to:
Simple sketch request (1 oc only, preferably pony)
Custom character design (free)
Please keep in mind that I will only work for you if we are on good terms.
Do not:
Edit my works. (This includes removing my watermark)
Use my works without my permission, counts mostly towards works of my own OC's. (Unless I have already granted you permission/ drawn your OC)
Be unkind, I will delete your comment or report it.
Post meme's on my art, it's very disturbing and immature. Please create your own feed for that.
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