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So this year my new years goal is to learn art or in doing art! So far i am trying to master pixel art! after starting a day ago I have done this with no experience!
Still shading to go on the wood/vin...View More
Ambient Waves
I am rather proud of this *\(^~^)/* so far
wowzers, that looks neato!
Bright Brave
Can you make it bigger?
Ambient Waves
Then it wouldn't look as good or i have to work on it more to make it bigger ;3; and fill in shading yet again
Ambient Waves
so have a tree instead
Chiller Sway
Very impress
Ambient Waves
Chiller Sway
Can you upload it somewhere that doesn't get compressed tho? I'm trying to see and the neat details but even for an image this small CA ran some small compression on it.
Ambient Waves
Are you in the CA discord?
Chiller Sway
Yup yup! orange_man_from. I'm active there all the time
Ambient Waves
Now i have attempted animation!
Apex Mist
Animation and bit art. You're actually doing absolutely fantastic! Very good job, hope to see more.
Ambient Waves
Thanks and hopefully will do I am working on learning dithering matrixes! (Example by me ^^) which is the equivalent of a strong artistic statement I think!