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November 24, 2021 in Brainstorm's Timeline Photos


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"Alright. Which one of you filled up my mailbox with love letters? AGAIN?"
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Bright Brave
"You? Noo way. We are just friends."
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
“Nah, man. He’s totally into you. The other day I found this fanfic he wrote about the two of you, where you get married. It’s my new OTP.”
"Can you show me this fanfic? If it really exists, I'd love to read it right there just in front of him." Brain smiled mischievously.
Bright Brave
Bryce (Awesome) Shades
"Well I ain't surprised at all bro, a stallion as handsome as you is bound to get lots of letters like well...that there haha"
"Aw, that was kinda ghey but that's ok, thanks buddy! I'd be after you if i'd be a mare"
Bryce (Awesome) Shades
"Aww come on just a bro completing another, nothing wrong with that but you don't gotta say that either, I know I ain't chased after all that much if at all but it's all good."
"Really? Well, actually... you can take some of those letters with you if you'd like. Just erase "Brain" everywhere and replace it with your name and here you go!"
Antique FourHooves
“Not my fault I was told to deliver them here. Take it up with the Vanhoover post office!”
Cakepop The Baker
"Wasn't me, I don't swing that way if you know what I mean!"