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on November 19, 2023
**Item #:** SCP-████
**Object Class:** Safe
**Special Containment Procedures:** SCP-████ is to be contained within a standard terrarium measuring 1m x 1m x 1m at Site-██. The terrarium should be filled with a substrate of fertile soil and kept at a temperature range of 20-25°C. SCP-████'s diet consists of organic matter, specifically fruits and vegetables, and should be replenished twice weekly.
**Description:** SCP-████ is a garn worm measuring approximately 12cm in length. It displays a series of minute bioluminescent patterns along its body, emitting a soft, pulsating glow. The worm constantly wears a miniature top hat, seemingly attached to its body and composed of an unknown material resistant to damage.
The anomalous properties of SCP-████ manifest when a human places the hat worn by SCP-████ on their head. Upon doing so, the individual gains the temporary ability to understand and communicate with animals through a form of telepathy. This effect persists for up to 30 minutes after the hat is removed.
**Addendum: Interview Log**
*Interviewer: Dr. █████*
*Subject: D-9345*
**Dr. █████:** Please describe what you're experiencing while wearing the hat.
**D-9345:** Whoa, I can totally understand these little critters now! The squirrel over there is talking about hiding nuts, and the birds are gossiping about the weather. This is nuts!
**Dr. █████:** Fascinating. Can you engage in a conversation with SCP-████ itself?
**D-9345:** Sure thing. Hey, buddy, what's life like for you in that hat?
**SCP-████:** *telepathic transmission* Oh, you know, the usual. Trying to find ways to entertain myself in this cozy headwear. It's a bit lonely, though. None of the bugs passing by seem to be very talkative.
**Dr. █████:** Thank you, D-9345. Please remove the hat now.
**Addendum: Experiment Log**
*Research Team: Dr. █████, Dr. ███, Dr. ████*
*Subject: SCP-████ and a Three-Toed Sloth (Bradypus sp.)*
**Dr. ███:** Alright, let's put the hat on SCP-████ and introduce it to the sloth.
*SCP-████'s hat is placed on Dr. ████'s head.*
**Dr. ████:** Hi there, Mr. Sloth! Can you understand me?
*The sloth moves very slowly, turning its head towards Dr. ████.*
**Sloth:** Yes, I understand you, human.
**Dr. ███:** Amazing! What do you usually think about?
**Sloth:** Oh, mostly hanging around, munching leaves. Sometimes I ponder the mysteries of the universe. But mostly, I nap.
**Dr. █████:** Remarkable. SCP-████'s effects seem to be working as expected.
**Dr. ████:** Sloth, do you have any opinions about humans?
**Sloth:** You all move too fast. Always in a rush. But your hats are intriguing.
**Dr. ███:** Noted. Thank you, Sloth. That will be all for now.
*SCP-████'s hat is removed, and the sloth resumes its slow movements.*
**Closing Statement:** The experiment with the sloth provided valuable insights into the perspectives of animals while under the influence of SCP-████'s anomalous properties. Further experiments are underway to understand the full extent of its abilities.
Dimension: 224 x 225
File Size: 7.44 Kb
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Bryce (Awesome) Shades
Hey a new one! Awesome love seeing these and honestly I love this one, the idea of putting on a little hat and gain the ability to talk to animals is wonderful and I live for it. Just the idea alone of seeing someone with the tiny hat talking to squirrels and stuff is great. Wonderful job again frie... View More
Like November 19, 2023 Edited
Thank you!! I thought it would be cool to make a cute/funny one for the change *hug*
Like November 19, 2023
Bryce (Awesome) Shades
Ya like I said I live for stuff like this he being a self proclaimed moron that would put little hats on his own head just cause it's funny so this clicks with me so well, plus we needed the nice little safe scp after the other entrys we have recently gotten so it's nice, again good job! *Hug*
Like November 19, 2023