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(Future King) Artemis
January 20, 2019
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How old is this Prince Artemis?
How old was this Prince when he got banished
What does The Prince fear above all?
Favorite features on a Bat Pony?
What does the Prince want to achieve before he gets too old?
What instrument can the Prince play?
How does the Prince prefer is mane?
If the Prince were to decided to use his hooves, which is more dominate?
What scent does the Prince use the most?
Which side of him seems more fun?
Stardusk Strider
I made a Christmas tree!
Trixie Lulamoon
"Eh... In my defense I'm still new to the castle, and even then have mostly been in the Forge and the kitchen when needed.."
(Future King) Artemis
He patted her head. "It's no biggie~"
Bat Thunder
"huh... well i'll be damned" The bat sat down looking at his score. "well i mean... im only 380 something... i lost count after 380.."
Rinda Mew
Aww your first two questions were too tough.
(Future King) Artemis
"It can be tricky." He chuckled.
Commander Wyatt Ryder
"50%. I forgot somethings... My bad sire." Wyatt chuckled to the Prince
(Future King) Artemis
"No problem from me, Commander." He smiled.
Commander Wyatt Ryder
He nodded at that. "Cheers. Sometimes I forget who's who between you and your brother." he winked teasingly, playfully slugging the Prince's shoulder
"Please marry me anyway, your highness!"
(Future King) Artemis
"Unable to do so. Apologies."
She bows to him, her socked hooves spread on the floor. "Notice me, senpai!"
Script Anonymous Cone Lord Lord of all Cones
Darn....oh well
Rose Budd
Hmm it was an interesting quiz sire...
Ambient Waves
*Boops Rose cause she can*
Rose Budd
*boops back*
Ambient Waves
O_O! *Ambient freezes trying to process what just happened not expecting retaliatory*
(Future King) Artemis
"What are you to doing?" The Prince was questioning the boops.
Rose Budd
She started it......
I won.
I got 50 and I didn’t know anything
(Future King) Artemis
Seems... suspicious. *Is now cautious*
👀Looks like you’re gonna have fun