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Welcome to the Shadowbolts Academy. We're an organization comprised of unique and exceptional talents gathered from all across Equestria. Here at the academy, we undergo various rigorous routines daily to train our mind, body, and soul. We strive to be better, faster, stronger, to push past our limitations and of course to remind other competitors why we are one of the top, if not the best, flight groups in all of Equestria. While some groups dazzle and awe their audience, the Shadowbolts strikes fear, using illusions, combined with our aggressive, yet precise flight style to provide a thrilling heart dropping experience that is not suited for the weak-hearted. We are always looking for promising recruits. Let us help you bring out your latent abilities and together we will show the world what we can do!
This page is created for the primary purpose of roleplaying between members of the Shadowbolts, or those with characters looking to become a Shadowbolt.