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Afiq lanz

Male. Lives in Malaysia,Ampang,  Equestria. Born on September 2, 2000
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Afiq lanz
jealousy.... the only thing that i hate the most... seeing other ponies(humans) together makes me a Eagar to shout but i was patient.... my friends had relationships then they starting act *censored* ...View More
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Afiq lanz
._. ...... KV-2 INTENSIFIED
Afiq lanz
right then...... nothing else to say..... :/ =_= ~ Fighters Of Malaya ~
i love you so much for this can i try and draw it? like i did other tanks? i like to draw tanks
Afiq lanz
umm this tank belongs to the malay country :/ but um sure? do credit back
IT'S STILL BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING IT anyways i will credit although i probably won't really upload it anywhere since it'll be on paper
Afiq lanz
ah i see you are drawing on paper g.g, you must be good at it
i don't see myself as that good but people say that my draws are good so i guess i'm decent? *shrug*
Afiq lanz
i suck drawing ponies on paper :/ not lying though
Zirx the Hound
Crystal Light
It says anti pony but it doesn't seem practical against one
Afiq lanz
oh really? that anti-air can shred pones into bleed if i have to <-<
Bright Brave
I'm pretty sure I can operate it alone.
Afiq lanz
not easy mah dude.... :/ the ammo is heavy... .-. *KV-2 INTENSIFIED*
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus flew a small bicycle powered helicopter to the pony. He then parked it and climbed off the device to walk up to the pony. He smiled to them and then passed a large gift over.* Happy Birthday...View More
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Afiq lanz
thanks man ^^ sorry for late reply busy working .-.
Nitroxus Soulspins
Its alright. You can open your gift now.
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