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Ambient Waves

Female. Lives in Zephyr Kingdom,  Beyond Equestria. 23 years old
Unicorn/fox Hybrid.
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Status Update

Ambient Waves
Ambient appears to be on your T.V. "I am Ambient Waves and welcome to Fox News, the news hosted by a foxy, fox pone. And in today's news. A fox in a box in a pot! One of the most cutest things you w...View More
Amora gasps and runs out of her house, looking for all the kittens.
Carmine Gumshoe
Carmine tensed up. He hadn't unpacked yet, so his office was littered in boxes of all shapes and sizes. One of the boxes rattle. Carmine's fate is sealed.
Ambient Waves
(T. V) Ambient then looked at the sheet. "In other news, good doggos in your area wanting to be pat! With this new app called who's a good doggo."
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
SKYSTAR, GET ME THE CODE-X SUIT NOW *I yell across the hall*
Ambient Waves
Before the Code-X suit could be gotten to it was already being used by a kitten who is meowing rapidly.
Amora pouts and started to sniffle, "W-why must you lie to me, TV"
Ambient Waves
*meanwhile, a box is in the middle of your room, as the box seems to have a lot of meowing.*
As she enters her room, still sniffling, sees the box and goes to investigate it
Ambient Waves
*Out bursts a avalanche of fluffy soft kittens all meowing at the same time when the box bursts*
She gasps and falls onto her back, letting the kittens climb all over her "yay! Kittens!"
Ambient Waves
True ending: All the snuggles with the kittens
It was unfortunately far too late, Broke already infiltrated the studio, with big eyes he looked over the edge of the box up towards Ambient before meowing softly, seemingly to get her attention.
Ambient Waves
Ambient freezes on podcast, as she started to turn around and see Broke poking he's head out of a box. "O-oh no.. They got in, I don't know how but they got in." She said backing into the desk.
With a agile jump the feline hopped from his hidey box atop the desk only to flop on his side for a big stretch, his limbs extending to their limit while one of his paws softly booped her on the snoot. "Nyah?"
Ambient Waves
*the Camera drops onto the floor, as everyone screams and runs away, as all that was seen was the boop before it cuts to a emergency broadcast.
Ambient Waves
*subtitles intensify*
Hm, magnet time.
The stallion goes ahead and samples her speech to incorporate it in his next sick mixtape.