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Aurora Borealis

Female. Lives in Canterlot,  Equestria. 21 years old
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Aurora Borealis
Happy pride month my lovelies! Love is love is love is love.
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I love some lovey love
Aurora Borealis
Me too
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Aurora Borealis
Prolonged period of absence: It had come to my attention a couple months ago what this site was becoming to me and couple of other users. Something unhealthy. I didn’t like the struggle of populari...View More
Tornado Turbulence
Best way to go about it, actually
Adrian Coalhopper
Welcome back. You didn't miss much.
I'm probably just green, but I don't see that part when I use the site. Being the part's lame af.
Aurora Borealis
When it seems that you are on the outside always looking in, it can be sad...
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