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Queen Cryostasis

Female. Lives in  Beyond Equestria. Born on July 29, 1992
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#rp A lifetime's worth of whispers tempting evils into his heart, a lifetime's worth of wading through endless seas of sin and desires for evil. This was a burden Hawk could never escape, for such a ... View More
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Queen Cryostasis
The individual's journey across the realms would be rather uneventful for the most part, with the Sentinels having not only spotted, but also accurately identified him since the very moment he ventured inside the lush forest surrounding the Capital. However, instead of following the established prot... View More
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His arrival was met with a greeting from some of the denizens and guard who were about their own business, a wave and some small talk held him up for a few minutes while he would explain his return. Much to his surprise, they seemed to already know of him, welcomed him with open arms even. Though he... View More
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Nitroxas Soulspins
*Nitroxus would ride on the back of a large tortiose. Upon arriving, he would wave and smile to the newcomer. Stepping down, he would bow to the creature.* Honor and Peace to you. Welcome to this wond... View More
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