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Female. Lives in  Beyond Equestria. Born on October 16, 1998
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“Well aren’t you the dragoness I’ve been looking for.” Spike smiled, “What would you say to a little outing between the two of us?”
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The dragon would look over to him and gave a small smile and wave~! Thinking for a moment before giving an eager nod. "Oh! sure! It could be fun~!"
“Well then, do I need to give you a moment to prepare or shall we be off?” He asked.
"Oh! Umm... sure! let's head out!" She'd say! giving him a small smile.
“I’m Spike by the way.” He offered his hand, “Sorry for being such a flirt, you’re one of the first dragonesses I’ve seen around here.”
The dragon would smile and happily took his hand! giving it a a small shake as she giggled. "Hehe~ Don't worry about it! You've been a flirt for sure~ But I am glad to see another dragon around here! And honestly I don't mind the flattery~!"
“Well I’m a different kinda dragon, I’m also half human. But I’m still a dragon underneath all this dermis.” He explained.