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Ninerah Novumane

Other. Lives in Outskirts,  Hollow Shades,  Equestria. Born on April 23
Wingless Bat Pony
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Art made by @rubyart44
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AU Post Nightmare Moon's return
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Astro Blitz
*Nitroxus dashed out of a red pipe that was laying out on the ground. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Ninerah Novumane
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//This one has a anamanaguchi vibe to it. reminds of me Lorem ipsum, but maybe that's just me
Like November 4, 2023
These are awesome!
Like November 5, 2023
Ninerah Novumane
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Astro Blitz
Yes, I would love to hear your music.
Like October 29, 2023
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Ninerah Novumane
that was quick
Like October 29, 2023
Astro Blitz
Wait, you're self taught? Woah, this is epic! What program do you use? Tell me your secrets wise teacher..
Like October 29, 2023
Ninerah Novumane
For the longest time I used the trial version of FL Studio 20, but I've since moved to the producer version of FL Studio 21. If I had any secrets to share, I would. But unfortunately, there isn't much knowledge to give. I sort of just know how some things works, but don't know the terms or proper wa... View More
Like October 29, 2023
Silver Shield
Wow, very nice! I've worked with teaching myself FL studio too, so I can appreciate the time that went into these, haha
Like October 30, 2023
Astro Blitz
*Nitroxus would ride on the back of a large tortoise. Upon arriving, he would wave and smile to the newcomer. Stepping down, he would bow to the creature.* Honor and Peace to you. Welcome to this wond... View More
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